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All of the planets and stars were divinely aligned at the moment of your birth.  You are a living and breathing expression of the cosmic energy at this moment in time that you carry throughout your life. This divine cosmic blueprint can be seen in your personal natal chart, a map of where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth. It is your cosmic DNA. Your natal chart is a blueprint to understand your personality and psychological wiring. It helps you understand your unique genius, sacred soul gifts, and your soul’s divine purpose. It illuminates your strengths and areas of growth potential. Understanding your natal chart can help you better understand your triggers and how to transmute them into soul growth. We are not locked into our natal chart. When we bring conscious understanding to our deeply rooted psychological wiring within our natal chart, we can utilize our free will to create alchemy.

Your natal chart also illuminates where you are in different planetary cycles and can act as a celestial roadmap for navigating the cosmic cycles in your life.  This can show time periods in your life of transitions, endings, and new beginnings. It can show periods of life that will be more easeful and flowing and periods of life that might be marked with more intensity and challenge to stimulate soul growth. Understanding these cycles gives great insight into how best meet and move with the present energies in your life. Your natal chart is a road map to navigating life to more consciously live with purpose and meaning.

When you attune with the movement of the celestial bodies, you can become a co-creator with the Divine!

In an astrological reading, you will receive an opportunity to share your intention for the reading. Jaime will offer guidance through reading your natal chart and how the current planetary transits are activating your natal chart. As the planets move around the sky, they activate your natal chart like tuning forks through sacred geometry activations. Astrology consultations are offered online via Zoom. The consultations can be recorded, and you will receive a copy of your natal chart via e-mail following the reading.

60 Min Reading-$150

90 Min Reading $190


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