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Discover the Hidden Gems of Mercury Retrograde: A 21 Day Journey

Mercury retrograde is one of the most misunderstood astrological phenomena. What do you first think of when you hear Mercury retrograde? Do you think technological mishaps, miscommunications, scheduling confusion, and travel delays?  These tricks from the Sacred Trickster are symptoms of not understanding the true nature and hidden gems of Mercury retrograde. When you offer reverence to the Magician doing his backward dance in the sky instead of throwing your fists at the sky blaming Mercury retrograde, magic opens up. Would you like to be initiated by the Alchemist this Scorpio/Libra retrograde into the deeper teachings and wisdom of Mercury retrograde? Come on this three week journey into the magic of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury, the Messenger, is the planet of the mind. Mercury governs our thoughts and communication.  Mercury goes retrograde for about 21 days every four months. When Mercury goes retrograde, it means he is ending one cycle and beginning a new cycle. Mercury’s new cycle begins halfway through the retrograde period when he aligns between the Sun and Earth. This is like a New Moon in a sense, but you can think of it as a New Mercury. In this moment of alignment, a new idea or thought intention is planted within us. If we get still and quiet enough, we may hear the whisper of this new idea that we can consciously nurture into fruition over the next four month period.

When a planet is retrograde, it means it appears that it is moving backwards through the zodiac due to an optical illusion. Just as when you pass a car on the highway, it looks like the car you’re passing is moving backwards. When a planet is retrograde, the energy of that planet flows inward (yin) as opposed to outward (yang). It is an invitation to become more still and self-reflective. When Mercury is in retrograde, we are invited to quiet our minds and spend more time communicating with our inner world and the unseen realms. Our intuition increases and we have more access to the dream realms. Mercury retrogrades are energetically aligned with spending more time in mediation, self-reflection, and in introspection. Many of the Mercury retrograde mishaps occur when we fail to properly align our energy and thoughts with this inward draw. Understanding the true nature of a Mercury retrograde can help minimize those Mercury retrograde mishaps Mercury is know for and help us discern the learning lesson being revealed when we do experience them.

This Mercury retrograde occurs in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, the sign of transformation and the cardinal air sign of Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. Scorpio is a deep, deep sign that governs our hidden and unconscious realms. There is deep potential to transform unconscious toxic thought patterns into conscious supportive thought pattens this Mercury retrograde. Once we bring those thoughts from the Scorpio shadow to the light of consciousness and transmute them, we can begin to find more Libra balance in our lives. Mercury teaches us that our thoughts create our reality. Where our thoughts go, energy flows. When we change our thoughts, our lives can truly change. A whole new world of possibility opens up!  This is the sacred teachings of Mercury found in the Hermetic Principles, and this has been my life’s experience being a student of the Thrice Great Hermes! I want to share these Hermetic teachings with you! This journey is also supportive for those already initiated into the teachings of Hermes who would like the space to energetically align your energy with Mercury retrograde.

In this 21 day journey you will receive

-Three hour long live teachings via Zoom (that will also include opportunities for discussion and Q&A recordings will be send out if unable to attend live)

-Daily recorded guided meditations to receive the support and structure to quiet your thoughts from the outer world and to turn inward.

-Journaling prompts for self-reflection to dive deeper into your psyche.

-Tips on how to navigate the cosmic energy.

-Access to a private FB group for community support and sharing and where the guided meditations and journal prompts will be provided. 

What you will learn:

-The hidden gifts of Mercury retrograde

-How to align your energy with the energy of Mercury Rx

-The esoteric teachings of Mercury/Hermes

-Guidance on how to receive and set an intention for the new Mercury cycle

-The basics of a mindful meditation practice

Investment for this journey: $54

Dates of Journey

October 13-November 3rd

Dates of Zoom teachings

Recordings will be sent out if unable to attend live

Tuesday, October 13th from 7:00pm-8:00pm CDT

Topic: Learn what you need to know for this Mercury retrograde

Thursday, October 22nd from  7:00pm-8:00pm CDT

Topic: Learn about intention setting for the Earth, Mercury, Sun alignment

Tuesday, November 3rd from 7:00pm-8:00pm CDT 

Topic: Reflections on your Mercury retrograde journey

Join in live for the daily meditations in the FB group from 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT or participate in then at the time that works for your schedule. (There are a few dates the meditation time will need to be adjusted.)


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