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Embody Your Star Wisdom 
To Live Your Sacred Purpose
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When you experience a session with me, I create a loving container for our meeting of Heart.  Each reading is a sacred ceremony for me. I read your chart and hold you, your life experiences, your dreams, desires, and inspirations with sacred reverence. Throughout your session, you will be embraced with welcoming, receptive, and Heart-centered energy.

The gift of my cosmic craft is weaving together expansive intuitive insights with practical guidance. I am attuned to reading the patterns of the celestial movements, how that corresponds to your Earthly experience, and how that activates potential that you can meaningfully meet in an empowered way.

For me, astrology is an embodied experience. I experience the cosmic movements in my body. Through astrology, we can see the connection of Earth and Sky and our body is a place where they meet. I support you to embody the star wisdom so you can become a more conscious co-creator with the present moment.

I am attuned to the multidimensional nature of reality and delight in supporting you to connect with new possibility to shift your reality. Through the context of your chart, I support you to break-free of self-limiting beliefs, embody your authenticity, live your truth, and remember your purpose. I am here to support you to live a life lit up with inspiration and aligned with your sacred purpose.

I relate with you as the empowered, sovereign being of your life and the expert of your chart. It's my intention to guide you to deeper self-understanding so you feel empowered to make decisions in your life with more clarity, see choice points to align with new, more expansive ways of being when they arise, and align with your highest timeline.

I look forward to supporting you guided by the wisdom of this sacred art!


"Jamie's gifts and wisdom are truly divine. She has a magical way of weaving your astrology reading into the most exquisite layers and depths that illuminate your soul journey and gifts with such beauty and wisdom. You feel the planets alive within you and the archetypal frequencies and gifts that are ready to be reclaimed within you. 


A session with Jamie is saying yes to journeying into the depths and vastness of your inner knowing and the truth of who you are, meeting new layers and aspects that have been waiting to be honoured and illuminated. I have found such deep medicine in Jamie's unique Venus signature sessions as part of my own soul purpose journeying of embodying my Feminine Essence and heart wisdom even more deeply. 


Jamie's heart is truly a gift and I felt so deeply held and enveloped in this heart presence during my session. If you are feeling the heart calling to explore your inner depths even more through the magic of astrology and sky story wisdom I highly recommend journeying this with Jaimie. I so deeply value the unique gifts and wisdom she brings to the world that are such potent medicine for these times."



Heart Alchemist and Energy Medicine


"Jaime is such a pure-hearted teacher of Astrology! I'm so glad I participated in her Foundations Course. I have learned a ton and enjoyed every moment! Jaime is an amazing person and if you are lucky enough to study with her, you will not regret it. Her teaching style is inspirational, uplifting, fun, and thorough. She is  overwhelmingly generous and insightful in sharing her knowledge and experience, and gifted at explaining everything in a way that makes it easy. I cannot recommend her or her Foundations Course highly enough! Thank you Jaime for sharing your path to sovereignty and encouraging me on mine."



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"Jaime’s 8-week astrology course gave me the knowledge I was looking for laying the foundations each week and developed the building blocks for the astrology wheel. Using her interactive workbook has allowed the integration of all the astrology aspects, deepened the learning process and is an excellent resource that I can use for years to come. Knowing that I didn’t have to understand all the astrology degrees, and how to draw a chart, before I started was such a relief, and accessing the free downloadable charts made it all so much easier.


Jamie is a very well-trained insightful astrologer and outstanding teacher, she is patient, compassionate, fun and encouraging, and helped me to shift my perspective about what makes me tick, my emotional needs, and how I can use my strengths for my greatest benefit. It has deepened my awareness and appreciation of the psychology behind the archetypes of the other signs and the planets, and how you can apply it to others.


It was a wonderful online experience, getting to interact with her and the other participants. I now feel empowered and understand the living sky, it has given me greater appreciation to our connection to the stars, the elements, how to harness the strength of each of the signs, and the relationship between the planets and our inner nature. I highly recommend her without reservation."

-Mariangela Parrodi

Alchemist, Transformational Healer & Author  

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