Astrology Readings

Live life magically and in alignment with your 

purpose through astrology.

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An astrology reading can offer guidance to: 

Understand yourself on a deeper level and connect

to your innate Heart-wisdom so you can more consciously live from an empowered place within.

Connect to and remember your soul's purpose, something your Heart always knows, and receive greater clarity on steps to take forward in your life that's in alignment with your Heart song.

-Discover/Remember your soul's sacred gifts and receive greater clarity on how to share them with the world in this time of great transition.

Understand the present energies unfolding in your life based on the planetary transits and different planetary cycles activating your strengths and areas of soul-growth. 

When you attune your energy to the energy of the celestial movements, you can become a more conscious creator of your life!

What clients 

say about readings with Jaime:

"I love receiving transmissions from Jaime. Hearing her reading of my natal chart was comprehensive and holistic to all aspects of my multidimensional life. Jaime awakened aspects of my life passions and strengths through revealing hidden levels of my soul truth - My chart reading with her opened synchronicity, support, curiosity, vitality and deeper connection to my calling. I look forward to working and co- creating with Jaime in the future. Thank you for sharing your heart wisdom, intuitive and theoretical sky knowledge and gifts and frequencies of courage, magic, passion and soul with me. So grateful for the recent 21 day deep dive through Mercury retrograde- your meditations awaken and grounded me."


Grace Elizabeth

"I recently received such an incredibly insightful and validating astrology reading from Jaime! She is highly skilled, intuitive, and packs a lot of information into the 60+ minutes. She listened to my needs, communicated well, and took the reins to move forward when we were getting sidetracked at times, ensuring a solid reading with the important aspects and transits covered. Her sweet, high vibed, fairy energy was so delightful, yet she grounded in the information as needed. I have listened once to the recording and am so glad I saved it, because there was so much I didn't hear or process the first time. I would highly recommend working with Jaime."


Shri Regina

"What a joy to have a reading from you, and be in your kind and welcoming presence! A very soulful reading, filled with your astrological skills and intuitive insights, as well as practical ways for me to further embody my cosmic blueprint.


Your orientation to my chart was different than what I’d experienced before, thus opening me to new possibilities for co-creating with the planetary energies. The reading was so validating and awareness-opening, about myself and my life. I’m feeling inspired and encouraged to share more of myself, and to let my light shine."

Client based in Portland, Oregon

What is a Natal Chart?

All of the planets and stars were divinely aligned at the moment of your birth.  You are a living and breathing expression of the cosmic energy of this moment in time that you carry throughout your life. This divine cosmic blueprint can be seen in your personal natal chart, a map of where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth. It is your cosmic DNA. Your natal chart is a blueprint to understand your personality and psychological wiring. It helps you understand your unique genius, sacred soul gifts, and your soul’s divine purpose. It illuminates your strengths and areas of growth potential. Understanding your natal chart can help you better understand your triggers and how to transmute them into soul growth. We are not locked into our natal chart. When we bring conscious awareness to our deeply rooted psychological wiring within our natal chart, we can utilize our free will to create alchemy.

As the planets move around the sky, they activate your natal planets like tuning forks. Understanding this, can offer insight into how to consciously meet the ever changing cosmic energy. Your natal chart also illuminates where you are in different planetary cycles and can act as a celestial roadmap for navigating the cosmic cycles in your life.  This can show time periods in your life of transitions, endings, and new beginnings. It can show periods of life that will be more easeful and flowing and periods of life that might be marked with more intensity and challenge to stimulate soul growth. Understanding these cycles gives great insight into how to best meet and move with the present energies in your life. Your natal chart is a road map to navigating life more consciously and living with purpose and meaning.

The planets are as alive within us as they are celestial bodies out in the sky. We are each a microcosm of the macrocosm as shown in our natal charts. Bridge the above and below with an astrology reading.

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Astrology Reading Info:
  • Astrology readings are offered via Zoom.

  • You will receive a Zoom link via e-mail after booking your session.

  • Your reading can be recorded.

  • You will receive a copy of your astrology chart.

  • At the time of booking your session, you will be asked for your date of birth, exact time of birth, and town of birth so your birth chart can be calculated. Please refer to your birth certificate to obtain your exact birth time.

  • At the time of booking, you will have an opportunity to share about your intention for the reading and any information that would be helpful for Jaime to know to support you in your reading.

  • Everything shared in your reading including your birth data will be held with confidentiality.

  • A reading can include interpreting your natal chart, transits, your Venus signature, solar return chart, secondary progressions, and more.

90 Minute Consultation-$225

90 Minute Venus Signature Consultation-$225

I look forward to working with you and helping you connect to more of your magic!