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Embody Your Star Wisdom 
To Align with Your Highest Timeline
Reading Types
Birth Chart
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Planetary Transits
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Sacred Purpose
Readings are held on Zoom, can be recorded, and are 90 minutes in length.

Session types can be combined in the 3 session reading package.

See below for description of reading types.

See below for reading testimonials and my astrology approach!

Reading Gift Certificates are available!
Venus Signature
Each reading is a Sacred Ceremony
Birth Chart
Birth Chart Readings

The Birth Chart Reading is the reading for you if you are most interested in deeper self-understanding. Coming into relationship with your birth chart brings you into a deeper intimacy with yourself. From that place, you can become a more empowered conscious co-creator with life and align with your highest timeline.

In this reading, we will explore the different aspects of your birth chart, a map of where the planets were aligned in the sky in relationship to your location on Earth at your moment of birth. Your birth chart is your Cosmic DNA. It contains a roadmap of your soul's journey through this life. Knowing the roadmap is an immensely valuable gift for navigating life more consciously.

Coming into relationship with your birth chart will support you in deeper self-understanding of the different aspects of your personality and the inner-realms of your psyche. Your birth chart illuminates qualities you brought into this lifetime and the evolutionary intention of your soul for this life.


Your birth chart reveals your unique genius, sacred soul gifts, and your soul’s purpose. It illuminates your strengths and areas of growth potential. Understanding your natal chart can help you better understand where you are blocked or stagnant through self-limiting beliefs and narratives and can support self-liberation to live your most inspired life.


We are not locked into our birth chart. Your birth chart reveals energetic relationships of the planetary archetypes. You can relate to, embody, and express these archetypes in many different ways. We live in a multidimensional reality. The more conscious you become of your Cosmic DNA, the more freedom you have to align with different timelines.

Understanding your birth chart offers you the spaciousness to be yourself! It gives you the freedom to be your exquisitely authentic self. And at the same time, you can gain insight into your self-limiting habits, patterns, and dynamics keeping you stuck in old ways of being. That awareness can support you to break free of them to live your most magical life.

This is the reading for you if you are seeking to understand your birth chart. If intuitively led, we may also explore some of your planetary transits, which reveals how the moving celestial bodies around the sky activate your natal chart. Through planetary transits, we can see where you are at in celestial cycles as well as times of initiation, growth, and change. If this is your main intention for the reading, refer to the Planetary Transits Readings below.

I do not practice predicative astrology as I believe the future is not fixed. I explore energetic activations as seen through the transiting planets. I support empowering you to meet the energetic activations more consciously to align with your highest timeline. 

To calculate a birth chart, you will need your date of birth, exact time of birth if known (refer to birth certificate), and location of birth. Your birth data and intention for the reading will be requested at checkout.

Planetary Transits Readings

Explore your planetary cycles and initiations.

A Planetary Transit Reading is the reading for you if you are seeking clarity on what's unfolding in your life. If you are experiencing changes, challenges, or confusion, this reading can offer you higher perspective and support you to meet the energy in an empowered way.  

We can even explore your planetary transits during significant events from your past to support you with higher perspective and to come into deeper understanding of your evolutionary journey. We can also explore future energetic activations so you can meet them more consciously and empowered. As an astrologer with a mindfulness background, I'm most interested in supporting you to meet the possibility in the present moment more cosmically informed to live your more inspired and liberated life lit up with purpose.

Your birth chart, your Cosmic DNA, is a snapshot of the planetary alignments at the moment of your birth. Even though your birth chart is a glimpse of one moment in time, the celestial spheres continue to move around the sky. As the planets continue to move around the sky, they come in and out of sacred geometric alignments with planets and significant points in your personal birth chart. As the planets come into sacred geometric alignments to points in your chart, they act like tuning forks, activating energy.

The archetypal nature of the planets and signs involved in the activation gives insight into how you will experience the planetary transit. Some planetary transits correspond with challenge, change, and confusion and some planetary transits correspond with more ease, flow, and positive synchronicity. Some are resonant with rest and inward directed energy and others are resonant with action and outward directed energy. Understanding the transits can support you to surf with the cosmic currents than try to swim against them.

Exploring planetary transits offers insight into where you are at in different planetary cycles. For example, if you are experiencing your Saturn Return, something that happens every 29.5 years when Saturn returns back to the place in the zodiac where Saturn was when you were born, then you are likely in a time of great change, learning lessons, and initiation into greater self-mastery to support your soul's purpose.

It's my sense that no transit is out to get us. The challenging transits are initiations into greater levels of self-mastery, soul growth, and expanded consciousness. We can see through the transits how life gives us opportunities to grow in our evolutionary consciousness on the journey of life and can lead us to greater liberation.

Everything is energy, and we live in a multidimensional reality. We can experience the transits in many different ways based on how we energetically relate to the transit. They offer energetic choice points to break free of old patterns and align to higher timelines.

As an astrologer, I do not tell you what to do or what decisions to make. I honor your sovereignty and hold you as the empowered being of your life. It's my intention to support you to experience greater clarity from your inner-knowing through understanding how you are activated with the cosmic cycles.

I do not practice predicative astrology as I believe the future is not fixed. I explore energetic activations as seen through the transiting planets. I support empowering you to meet the energetic activations more consciously to align with your highest timeline. 

In this reading, we will also explore aspects of your birth chart to deepen self-understanding.

Planetar Transits
Sacred Purpose Readings

This is the reading for you if you are wanting to explore your current soul purpose, something I prefer to call sacred purpose. Your sacred purpose and gifts are encoded in your birth chart, your Cosmic DNA. The birth chart reveals a roadmap to living in alignment with your sacred purpose. The timing of which we can see through exploring where you are at in your planetary cycles and how the planetary transits activate your birth chart. This reading is here to support you if you are seeking cosmic affirmation, clarity, or direction on sacred purpose.

I do not believe that we are here to "do" life or to "do" that one thing. We are here to "be". When we can truly "be" in our essence, we can move from that place of beingness dancing and singing to the song of our Heart and sharing our sacred gifts to bring more beauty, love, and light into the world.

It's my sense that we aren't just meant to do that one thing with our sacred purpose. When we embody our sacred purpose through our being, it may express in many different ways throughout our lives. Through a reading, you can discover more clarity on how your sacred purpose wants to be expressed in this moment in your life. 

If you are reading this, you haven't missed living your sacred purpose! You are likely living and moving from a place of sacred purpose in many ways already. More of your sacred purpose is here waiting to emerge from within your being! When you embody your sacred purpose from a place of being, life opens up for you!

If you feel a stirring to embody more of your sacred gifts and share them with the world in a meaningful way, this reading is for you. If you aren't quite sure what those gifts are or how sharing them would look, this reading can offer more clarity through illuminating what wants to be revealed in your birth chart.

In these sessions, you will be supported to attune to more notes of your Heart song.


We will explore how you can take grounded, practical steps timed to the astrological rhythms to live in alignment with your sacred purpose sharing your gifts in a meaningful way.

Here are some questions to explore about whether you are living from a place of sacred purpose.

Are you inspired?

Are you lit up with aliveness?

Do you jump out of bed excited in the morning to share your gifts?

Are you filled with meaning and purpose?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this is an indicator that you might be disconnected from your sacred purpose. These sacred purpose readings are intended to ignite your inspiration so you can reclaim your sacred flame and live a life lit up with inspiration!

Soul Purpose
Venus Signature Readings

Come into an intimacy with more of your unique Feminine essence to awaken more of your Heart-Wisdom and stoke the fires of your Sacred Flame.

In a Venus Signature reading, we will explore the different aspects of Venus in your birth chart that alchemically blend together into your unique Venus Signature.

This is a journey of REMEMBERING.

When you embody your Venus Signature, you meet life from a place of BEING. You are open to receive the blessings and magic of life. You are open for authentic Heart-centered connection. You are rooted in your sensual knowing and have a clear connection with your Heart-Wisdom.

Embodying your Venus Signature is a journey of shedding patterns, self-limiting beliefs, narratives, distortions, and false identities of the feminine taken on throughout your life to reclaim the exquisiteness of your authentic Feminine essence.

To connect with your Venus Signature, we will explore the larger Venus Cycle you were born into, your Venus synodic phase, and your Venus by sign, house, and aspect. (If you don't know what these astro terms mean, that's perfectly ok! They will be shared in ways that are understandable and meaningful even if you don't speak the astro language.)

We will explore areas of your chart that reflect conditioned patterns that you may have taken on throughout your life that keep you stuck, stagnant, or attached to a false sense of comfort, security, or identity and how to begin to experience liberation from them by embodying your Venus essence.

Depending on the flow of the session and your intention for the session, we may explore significant Venusian activations in your chart by the planetary transits and how to sync with the current Venus Cycle.

You will be offered home explorations to integrate the wisdom that comes through in the session into your life to support your embodiment of your Venus essence.

Embodying your Venus Signature is a journey of reclaiming more of your vitality and life-force energy to create a life that is in alignment with your Heart.


It is a journey of Heart Awakening and living on the path of Heart.

Venus Avatar
3 Session Reading Package

Combine any three session types. Enjoy the spaciousness of a year to schedule and receive all three readings. Readings can be scheduled anytime that works with your intention and schedule. They can be as close together or as spacious apart as you would like based on openings in my schedule.

Reading Package
Gift Certificates

Gift a loved one an astrology reading! A gift certificate reading can be redeemed for the following reading types: Birth Chart Reading, Planetary Transits Readings, Sacred Purpose Reading, or Venus Avatar Reading. Once purchased, you will receive an e-mail with a gift certificate and scheduling link. The recipient of the gift certificate can schedule the reading from that link. The reading can be scheduled and held within a year of the gift certificate purchase.

Gift Certificates
Reading Testimonial

"Thank you so, so much for my Venus Signature reading yesterday. I felt uplifted and honored with the insights, energy, wisdom, and love. It felt like new oxygen breathing onto the sacred flames of the feminine and I was so grateful for that gift, for that rekindling of fire, for that yes, yes, yes feeling. Thank you for aiding in my surrender and discovery, for honoring the heart medicine, and for your enthusiasm and excitement. As I said, sometimes the surrender can feel a lot (and not in an exciting way!), so I felt the medicine of our coming together, of you bringing that infusing, uplifting energy to my journey, to my healing and medicine making path. It was a joy to connect with you in this way."


Reading Testimonial

"My Venus Signature reading  with Jamie gifted me with not only her deep knowledge and passion for reading charts, Jamie magically allowed the chart reading to be directed intuitively by what I needed to know. Throughout the reading I felt a strong connection  to the planets  they came alive for me in particular Venus.  


I was held in a loving, inspiring container and felt truly listened to, whilst receiving a download of clarity on how my connection to Venus is helping me blossom. I also gratefully  received  a bonus with wonderful guidance on how to lovingly prepare for my Saturn Return. 

Each time I listen to the recording I feel inspired, more courageous and held in love  as I continue to share my gifts with the World. Excited to book my next reading to support me in navigating these exciting times!"


Reading Testimonial

"Thank you so much for my Venus Reading yesterday! I feel so inspired and fortified by all of your encouragement and insights! This video is such a treasure I can watch again and again to help me understand my chart and my life so much better!


Your reading and you breathe new life into me Jaime!!!"


Your Reading Experience with Me
Sirius Activation.jpg

When you experience a session with me, I create a loving container for our meeting of Heart.  Each reading is a sacred ceremony for me. I read your chart and hold you, your life experiences, your dreams, desires, and inspirations with sacred reverence. Throughout your session, you will be embraced with welcoming, receptive, and Heart-centered energy.

The gift of my cosmic craft is weaving together expansive intuitive insights with practical guidance. I am attuned to reading the patterns of the celestial movements, how that corresponds to your Earthly experience, and how that activates potential that you can meaningfully meet in an empowered way.

For me, astrology is an embodied experience. I experience the cosmic movements in my body. Through astrology, we can see the connection of Earth and Sky and our body is a place where they meet. I support you to embody the star wisdom so you can become a more conscious co-creator with the present moment.

I am attuned to the multidimensional nature of reality and delight in supporting you to connect with new possibility to shift your reality. Through the context of your chart, I support you to break-free of self-limiting beliefs, embody your authenticity, live your truth, and remember your purpose. I am here to support you to live a life lit up with inspiration and aligned with your sacred purpose.

I relate with you as the empowered, sovereign being of your life and the expert of your chart. It's my intention to guide you to deeper self-understanding so you feel empowered to make decisions in your life with more clarity, see choice points to align with new, more expansive ways of being when they arise, and align with your highest timeline.

I look forward to supporting you guided by the wisdom of this sacred art!

My Astrology Approach
I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you to reclaim more of your magic!
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