About Me

Jaime Lee Goldstein is an Intuitive Astrologer who weaves her intuition with her deep studies of astrology. Jaime has a deep connection to the stars above and the Earth below. She serves as a celestial guide of translating cosmic energies and serves to spark cosmic remembrance of our star seed nature. Jaime believes in living life magically and loves to empower others through astrology to become more conscious creators of their lives.


Jaime supports others with her mystic gifts through astrology readings, her virtual 6 month astrology school and apprenticeship, and sound healing. In readings, Jaime helps her clients re-connect to their soul’s divine purpose and rediscover their spiritual gifts. She utilizes astrology as a roadmap to help her clients live in alignment with their soul’s purpose. She is deeply passionate about teaching astrology to those who want to empower and inspire others with this sacred art. Jaime loves to inspire others to bring their astrology practice beyond the 2D chart and connect with the living sky.


Jaime fell in love with astrology when learning how to navigate her first Saturn return. It was very much an experience of past-life remembering as she devoted herself to her studies. Astrology is so much more than an intellectual experience. She feels the planetary energies communicating through her in an embodied way.

Jaime worked in the public schools as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for five years including internship before taking the leap of faith to follow her Heart’s true calling. She is also a yoga instructor, meditation guide, and sound healer. Jaime loves to hold sacred space for women's circles and embodiment practices. She teaches astrology through astrology workshops and her astrology apprenticeship. 

Jaime is featured as an astrology teacher on Stormie Grace's YouTube Academy. She recently shared about Mercury's Air Elemental Year at the Re-Dream the World in the Age of Aquarius online retreat. Jaime is presently studying under Sasha Benedetti of Venus Wisdom through learning to sync with Venus' 19 month cycles through an experiential journey called Awakening your Heroine's Heart. Through learning to embody the Heart-wisdom of Venus more deeply on a personal level, Jaime now shares Venus wisdom in her readings through discovering one's Venus signature and synching with the Venus Cycle.