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About Me

Jaime Lee Goldstein is an Intuitive Astrologer who weaves her intuition with her deep studies of astrology. Jaime has a deep connection to the Stars above and the Earth below. She serves as a celestial guide of translating cosmic energies and serves to spark cosmic remembrance. Jaime believes in living life magically and loves to empower others through astrology to become more conscious creators of their lives.

Jaime supports clients with her mystic gifts through astrology readings, teaching astrology courses, and sound healing. Jaime meets each reading as a sacred ceremony and deeply honors the sacredness of the reading experience. In readings, Jaime supports her clients to embody their star charts to live their sacred purpose. She seeks to inspire and empower her clients to live life magically and in alignment with their highest timeline. Jaime is deeply passionate about teaching astrology to those who want to empower others with this sacred art. Jaime loves to inspire others to bring their astrology practice beyond the 2D chart and connect with the Living Sky.


Jaime fell in love with astrology when learning how to navigate her first Saturn return. It was very much an experience of past-life remembering as she devoted herself to her studies. Astrology is so much more than an intellectual experience. She feels the planetary energies communicating through her in an embodied way.


Jaime routinely shares about astrology on interviews, podcasts, and summits. Jaime is featured as an astrology teacher on Stormie Grace's YouTube Academy.

Jaime has studied with many highly respected astrology teachers. She just recently completed a deeply profound and heart-opening journey of learning to sync with Venus’ 19-month cycle with Sasha Rose of Venus Wisdom. Through her direct experience of cultivating an intimacy with the Venus cycle through Sasha Rose’s guidance, Jaime now offers Venus Avatar readings.

Your Reading Experience with Me
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When you experience a session with me, I create a loving container for our meeting of Heart.  Each reading is a sacred ceremony for me. I read your chart and hold you, your life experiences, your dreams, desires, and inspirations with sacred reverence. Throughout your session, you will be embraced with welcoming, receptive, and Heart-centered energy.

The gift of my cosmic craft is weaving together expansive intuitive insights with practical guidance. I am attuned to reading the patterns of the celestial movements, how that corresponds to your Earthly experience, and how that activates potential that you can meaningfully meet in an empowered way.

For me, astrology is an embodied experience. I experience the cosmic movements in my body. Through astrology, we can see the connection of Earth and Sky and our body is a place where they meet. I support you to embody the star wisdom so you can become a more conscious co-creator with the present moment.

I am attuned to the multidimensional nature of reality and delight in supporting you to connect with new possibility to shift your reality. Through the context of your chart, I support you to break-free of self-limiting beliefs, embody your authenticity, live your truth, and remember your purpose. I am here to support you to live a life lit up with inspiration and aligned with your sacred purpose.

I relate with you as the empowered, sovereign being of your life and the expert of your chart. It's my intention to guide you to deeper self-understanding so you feel empowered to make decisions in your life with more clarity, see choice points to align with new, more expansive ways of being when they arise, and align with your highest timeline.

I look forward to supporting you guided by the wisdom of this sacred art!

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