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Foundations of
Astrology Chart Interpretation
10 Week Online Course
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Starting March 22nd

Learn the language of the stars to ignite more magic in your life and the world around you!
Are you ready to activate more of your mystic gifts?

Are you drawn to read the patterns of the stars to bring in more awe, wonder, and magic into your life and those around you?

Are you ready to embrace more of the magic of your essence through understanding your soul's blueprint?

Are you ready to embody the planets and stars to become more lit up with life?

Are you ready to fall more in love with yourself and life itself?

If you said yes to any of these, join me in the next 10-week Foundations of Astrology Chart Reading course to learn how to intuitively interpret astrology charts.

Astrology is the language of bridging the

As Above, So Below.
As Within, So Without.
As the Universe, So the Soul

Astrology is called the language of the stars, but it's not just about the stars that are out there in the sky lightyears away. Considering you are made of stars, astrology is as much infused into every cell within your being as it is out there in the sky!

You are a living and breathing expression of the way the stars were aligned at the moment of your birth which is reflected in your natal chart, a map of where the planets were aligned in the sky at the moment of your birth. This is your cosmic blueprint that only you came here to embody in this life!

When you are attuned to astrology, you see that nothing is coincidental. It becomes clear how your external reality reflected back to you is always working to support your soul's growth and guide you to live in alignment with your soul's purpose. Even the most challenging times are soul initiations to catalyze you into your deepest wisdom. We always have free will to resist our path or embrace it. Astrology supports you to understand why you are here in this lifetime and shows the pathway to awaken to your highest potential. When you say yes and fully commit to your path, life opens up for you in the most magical of ways!

Astrology can ground you into your relationship with the macro and micro from understanding where you are in larger cycles of life to innerstanding the depths of your psyche.

Through speaking the language of astrology, you become a more conscious co-creator of your life with the Great Mystery!
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Astrology Allows You To  Be the Bridge
Between the
As Above
So Below!
  • Learn the foundations of astrology chart interpretation in a warm and welcoming engaging live format.
  • Learn to decode the symbols in an astrology chart and how to intuitively weave meaning between them.
  • Become equipped with the foundational components of astrology chart interpretation (planets, signs, elements, houses, and aspects).
  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with the zodiac signs and planetary archetypes for astrology to become an embodied experience.
  • Deepen understanding of yourself and those in your life through applying new levels of interpretation to charts each week
In this course, you'll:
  • 20 hours of live teachings on Zoom delivered across 10 weeks
  • A structured curriculum to equip you with the foundations of astrology chart interpretation
  • Video recordings of classes that you can download for lifetime access
  • Receive an interactive cosmic workbook (e-version) created by Jaime filled with handouts, resources, and step-by-step chart interpretation guidance
  • Weekly home practices to integrate learning
  • Optional access to private FB group for community and asking questions​ (this may be moved to Telegram this course!)
Course Features
Classes will be held live via Zoom on
Wednesdays from 2:00pm-4:00pm Pacific
March 22nd through May 24th

Check the time zone converter here.

This is 20 hours of live class! See curriculum below.

Replays will be sent out.

Course Cost:

⭐️ Class 1-Orientation to the Natal Chart


  • Learn how to orient yourself to an astrology chart

  • Receive an overview of the foundational components of an astrology chart.

  • Understand the basic astronomy of the astrology chart

  • See an astrology chart come alive in the living sky!

  • Learn the angles of the astrology chart (Ascendent, Descendent, Mc, and Ic). These are connected to four major areas of life!

  • Learn the ruling planet of your astrology chart. This planet is your cosmic best friend to navigating life!


⭐️ Class 2-Planetary Archetypes: Part 1


  • Understand the planetary classifications (Luminaries, Personal Planets, Social Planets, and Transpersonal Planets)

  • Learn the planetary archetypes of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

  • Explore the planetary archetypes in your chart with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 3-Planetary Archetypes: Part 2

  • Learn the planetary archetypes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

  • Explore the planetary archetypes in your chart with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding

⭐️ Class 4-The Four Elements in the Astrology Chart

  • Explore the four elements of the zodiac signs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

  • Begin applying your understanding of the four elements to interpreting the planets in your chart (You may be surprised to discover the immense and meaningful interpretive value just from exploring the four elements in a chart!)


⭐️ Class 5-Zodiac Signs: Part 1

  • Learn the three modes of the zodiac signs (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable)

  • Deeply explore the archetypes of the zodiac signs (Aries through Virgo)

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding

⭐️ Class 6-Zodiac Signs: Part 2

  • Continue to deeply explore the archetypes of the zodiac signs (Libra through Pisces)

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 7-The Houses

  • Deepen your understanding of the angles (Ascendent, Descendent, Mc, and Ic)

  • Explore the basics of the most commonly used house systems

  • Understand the three types of houses (Angular, Succedent, and Cadent)

  • Learn the meaning of the 12 houses

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs and houses with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 8-The Aspects

  • Ground into the sacred geometry of the astrological aspects

  • Understand what the astrological aspects are

  • Learn the interpretive meaning of the astrological aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, trine, and sextile)

  • Explore interpreting the aspects with experiential practice and discussion to deepen understanding


⭐️ Class 9-Essential Dignity and Chart Reading Practice

  • Learn essential dignity (planetary rulership) and how that supports chart interpretation

  • Explore interpreting planets by sign, house, and aspects with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 10-The Lunar Nodes

  • Learn the meaning of the lunar nodes in an astrology chart

  • Begin to explore the nature of the lunar nodes through the signs and houses

What is a Natal Chart?

Your natal chart is a map of where the planets were aligned in the sky in relationship to your location on Earth at your moment of birth. You are a living and breathing expression of the way the planets were aligned at the moment of your birth. Your natal chart is your Cosmic DNA. It contains a roadmap of your soul's journey through this life. Knowing the roadmap is an immensely valuable gift for navigating life more consciously. 

Coming into relationship with your birth chart brings you into a deeper intimacy with yourself. From that place, you can become a more empowered conscious co-creator with life and align with your highest potential.

Coming into relationship with your birth chart will support you in deeper self-understanding of the different aspects of your personality and the inner-realms of your psyche. Your birth chart illuminates qualities you brought into this lifetime and the evolutionary intention of your soul for this life.


Your birth chart reveals your unique genius, sacred soul gifts, and your soul’s purpose. It illuminates your strengths and areas of growth potential. Understanding your natal chart can help you better understand where you are blocked or stagnant through self-limiting beliefs and narratives and can support self-liberation to live your most inspired life.


We are not locked into our birth chart. Your birth chart reveals energetic relationships of the planetary archetypes. You can relate to, embody, and express these archetypes in many different ways. We live in a multidimensional reality. The more conscious you become of your Cosmic DNA, the more freedom you have to align with different timelines.

Understanding your birth chart offers you the spaciousness to be yourself! It gives you the freedom to be your exquisitely authentic self. And at the same time, you can gain insight into your self-limiting habits, patterns, and dynamics keeping you stuck in old ways of being. That awareness can support you to break free of them to live your most magical life.

Solstice Sun.jpg

Jaime Goldstein is an intuitive astrologer who has an intimate connection with the Sky and Earth. Astrology is an embodied practice for her, and she seeks to inspire others to learn astrology through their direct experience and Heart-wisdom. It is Jaime's core values that astrology be approached in a way that is Heart-Centered, empowering, and inspiring.

When sharing astrology, Jaime weaves her intuition with her deep studies. She holds sacred space in one-on-one astrology consultation sessions and teaching astrology courses. She also holds sacred ceremony and planetary sound healing session. Through astrology, she seeks to inspire others to live life magically and become more conscious creators of their lives through understanding the multidimensional nature of astrology.

About Jaime

Jaime has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Specialists Degree (considered halfway between a Master’s and PhD) in School Psychology. Before her Saturn Return, Jaime practiced in the public schools as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. Her Saturn Return called her to leave her career in the public schools and step into the unknown to follow her Heart’s calling. Jaime fell deeply in love with astrology during her Saturn Return when trying to make sense of this time challenging and confusing period in her life. Astrology felt very much like a past life remembering as she began to study it more deeply.

Jaime is deeply devoted to connecting to astrology as a lived embodied experience. This last year, she has gone on a journey of syncing with Venus’ 19-month cycle with Sasha Rose of Venus Wisdom which has awakened a deeper knowing of astrology within her. Jaime has been featured on podcasts, summits, and a guest teacher on Stormie Grace’s YouTube academy. There is nothing that lights Jaime up more than sharing and teaching astrology and working intimately with clients in astrology chart consultations.

Course Testimonial

"Jaime has connected me to the the ancient wisdom, art & science of astrology in a heart centred, loving and grounded way - "A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician" - Hippocrates. A new (old story) is emerging and it is time for people to take back autonomy over their lives through ancient wisdom, connection to nature, each other and ourselves. This course is one way to journey towards this sacred way of being."


Course Testimonial
Mariangela Photo.jpg

"Jaime’s 8-week astrology course gave me the knowledge I was looking for laying the foundations each week and developed the building blocks for the astrology wheel. Using her interactive workbook has allowed the integration of all the astrology aspects, deepened the learning process and is an excellent resource that I can use for years to come. Knowing that I didn’t have to understand all the astrology degrees, and how to draw a chart, before I started was such a relief, and accessing the free downloadable charts made it all so much easier.


Jamie is a very well-trained insightful astrologer and outstanding teacher, she is patient, compassionate, fun and encouraging, and helped me to shift my perspective about what makes me tick, my emotional needs, and how I can use my strengths for my greatest benefit. It has deepened my awareness and appreciation of the psychology behind the archetypes of the other signs and the planets, and how you can apply it to others.


It was a wonderful online experience, getting to interact with her and the other participants. I now feel empowered and understand the living sky, it has given me greater appreciation to our connection to the stars, the elements, how to harness the strength of each of the signs, and the relationship between the planets and our inner nature. I highly recommend her without reservation."

-Mariangela Parrodi

Alchemist, Transformational Healer & Author  

Course Testimonial
Diane Gribbin.jpg

"This course is incredible! Jaime's wisdom is boundless!!! Her unique way of teaching ensures the astrological knowledge becomes a complete embodied experience. The planets are no longer out there to understand... but illuminating within us a deeper self knowing and higher awareness to fuel our vision passion and purpose. This course is an amazing offering! Thank you Jaime!"

-Diane Gribbin

Heartwood Healing Arts and the global Let Love Win community

Course Testimonial
Sarah Norris.jpeg

"I absolutely loved Jaime’s foundations to astrology course! I have been an informal student of astrology since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the moon phases, the planetary energies and always loved learning about the different archetypes. 

Jaime’s course is beautifully structured and informative. Each class builds upon the content from the week before, and the workbook helped me to gain a deeper understanding of each weeks content. I loved working with my own chart with the workbook questions. 
I came out with so much knowledge and a solid understanding of how to interpret a natal chart

I was drawn to learn from Jaime because of her heart centred approach. As well as celebrating the skillfull expression of each energy type she acknowledges the unskillful expressions and brings awareness to how this energy can be transmuted to embody a more skillfull expression. She teaches approaching a chart from a place of care and respect, which is how I want to be approaching reading charts for my clients. 

I enjoyed the course so much that I was sad when the 8 weeks were up! I can’t wait for part 2! 
I highly recommend this course for those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their own chart, those wanting to gain more understanding of astrology, and for those who wish to start reading charts for others. Thank you so much Jaime! 🦋"

-Sarah Norris

Tarot by Sarah Jane

Course Testimonial

"Jaime is such a pure-hearted teacher of Astrology! I'm so glad I participated in her Foundations Course. I have learned a ton and enjoyed every moment! Jaime is an amazing person and if you are lucky enough to study with her, you will not regret it. Her teaching style is inspirational, uplifting, fun, and thorough. She is  overwhelmingly generous and insightful in sharing her knowledge and experience, and gifted at explaining everything in a way that makes it easy. I cannot recommend her or her Foundations Course highly enough! Thank you Jaime for sharing your path to sovereignty and encouraging me on mine."



Course Testimonial

"I want to thank Jamie for the amazing learning I experienced during her eight week course. She is a master teacher. I loved starting off with her encouragement to go and look at the night sky. She wove with this and other activities deep understandings from astrology. Her unique knowledge brought me so many aha’s without overwhelming me. I am still digesting it all. Thank you Jamie for the gift of your book and videos. I will be taking months to learn, and re-learn. I hope to take another class in the future"


Course Testimonial

"Jaime is so passionate about astrology and she shares more than the basics in her course. I continue to unfold the teachings of astrology. Her personal relationship with the signs and planets is revealed as she takes you on the astrological journey so you can discover more about yourself and others. Loved the aspects and signs and perspectives she gives all her students. Her energy and wisdom are gifts."


Course Testimonial

"Testimonial for Jaime Lee-Soul guide through the Stars

Jaime's love of the sky is truly transformational, her generousity, joy enthusiasm & ability to shine as bright as the Sun much information was shared, intuitively weaved through Jaime's stories and infinite wisdom....a life's teaching shared over 8 be embodied over a lifetime. 

Dive Deep into the flow of the .. remember & embrace who you came here to be."



Course Testimonial

"I recently completed Jaime’s Chart Reading Foundations course and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I’ve always been interested in astrology and natal charts and now the flood gates have really been opened. Jaime is a joy to spend time with and learn from. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has such an eagerness to share her passion. She explains everything thoroughly in multiple ways so everyone has a chance to grasp it. I really appreciate her written materials as well as the live examples she provides during class. I highly recommend taking a course with Jaime. It was such a fun journey!"


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