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A 6 Month Intimate Journey in Chart Reading Skills

Starting August 2021

Learn more with a complimentary 20 minute consult!
Beautiful Cosmic Being-
Is your heart guiding you to learn the language of the stars?
Are you an intuitive, healer, or visionary who desires to share your spiritual gifts through the foundation of astrology?
Do you feel called to empower others to awaken to their soul's purpose and live a liberated life in alignment with their Heart's true calling?
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Astrology can guide someone to:

Know themselves on a much

deeper level and connect to their inner-guidance.

Remember their soul's divine purpose and discover their spiritual gifts.

Connect to their creative power through living in alignment with the cosmic cycles.

Become a celestial guide and bridge the as above and so below!

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My name is Rachel and I am currently three quarters of the way into Jaime's Astrology Apprenticeship, though as Jaime often reiterates, as life is a continuous journey, so is our study of astrology.  I have known Jaime for a few years and have trusted her to do my readings, as well as those of my daughter and late husband.  To me astrology is another sacred tool for us to discover or rediscover or soul's purpose and path.  This is what drew me to study with Jaime, because this is her purpose to help humans reconnect with their soul's purpose.  She is so supportive of each of her students and their journey.  She is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to astrology and she continues to learn and supplement her own journey daily, which makes her such an amazing teacher and guide.  Jaime creates a safe place to learn and grow at your own pace.  I love the classes and her PowerPoints, and I love office hours where we get to dive into our own charts, the archetypes, or whatever is coming up for us.  I believe that her program is invaluable, and I am proud to call her my teacher.  

-Learn how to confidently read natal charts in an intimate setting that combines small group and individualized guidance. 

-Receive a comprehensive curriculum in astrology in an engaging and experiential format.

-Receive personalized guidance on your chart reading skills throughout this journey.

-Create a second stream of income offering your spiritual gifts.


Over 70 hours of live guidance across 6 months!

(See below for details)

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I'm Jaime

For me, astrology has been a journey of remembering.


Remembering my cosmic essence. 


Remembering my soul’s divine purpose. 

Remembering my spiritual gifts.


Remembering my magic. 


Astrology sparked a remembering that I am so much more than the external world led me to believe growing up.

For me, astrology is not a pathway out of this physical reality. It’s a pathway in to live more magically grounded in the present moment connected to my cosmic essence above and the beauty of Mother Earth below. It has allowed me to embody my heart and body wisdom in a more intimate way.

Before my first Saturn Return (pre 29 and a half), I practiced in the public schools as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. I deeply loved working with my students, but was quickly disillusioned by the bureaucracy of the public schools. Feeling discontent in life, I divinely crossed paths with a shamanic healer who guided me on my journey of spiritual awakening. He helped me open up intuitive gifts. 


The more I journeyed into mysticism, the more I fell out of resonance with my public-school job, which led me to take a leap of faith into self-employment. I specialized in integrating mindfulness and yoga with counseling in the schools and felt inspired to share the art of present moment living with others. This passion led me to founding a mindfulness business. I was filled with inspiration but struggled navigating the learning curve of entrepreneurship.


Within six months, I felt completely lost as I met roadblock after roadblock. At 29 years of age, I knew I was in an astrological period in my life called the Saturn Return, which is a time filled with great challenge and change and serves as a course correction to realign us back to our path. I turned to an astrologer for guidance who sparked something deep within me. I started learning everything I could about astrology and utilizing it as a roadmap to navigating life. Learning about my natal chart helped me understand myself on a much deeper level and guided me to create deep transformation in my life. Astrology reawakened me to my inner-knowing that I am a co-creator of my life with the divine and guided me to live more consciously.

Astrology was so much more than an interest for me, I felt it pulsing through every cell in my being opening me up to deeper and deeper waves of remembering. The more I connect with astrology, the more I remember who I truly am. 

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Synchronicity led me to professionally study astrology and magical doors began to open into new possibility. This led me to my astrology reading practice, holding space for sacred ceremony and women’s circles, and teaching astrology workshops. With astrology, I allow my intuition and heart to guide me. I seek to inspire others to live life magically through astrology.


I love guiding visionary women to connect with their soul’s purpose which is shown within the birth chart and inspiring them to consciously live out their soul’s purpose with astrology as a roadmap.

I have been initiated by the planetary teachers to teach this sacred art of astrology to cosmic visionary beings who want to inspire and empower others with the language of the stars. This is my second launch of this six month virtual astrology school and apprenticeship.

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Apprenticeship Structure

-21 live 2 1/2 hour Zoom sessions for interactive small group instruction (52 hours of instruction)-refer to curriculum below

-10 two hour live office hour sessions on Zoom for individualized and small group guidance and chart reading practice (20 hours of guidance)

-An opportunity to record a 30 minute chart reading, have Jaime listen to it, and then receive an individual mentorship session for feedback (60 minutes of individual attention)

-A partner for chart reading home practice assignments

-Weekly home practices to integrate skills


The 21 live 2 1/2 hour Zoom teachings will be held on
Wednesday evenings from
7:00pm-9:30pm Central

The 10 two hour live office hours will occur on Monday evenings from 7:00pm-9:00pm Central.

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Course Curriculum

50 Hours of Live Class Instruction

Class 1-Introduction to Astrology and Chart Reading

Class 2-The Alchemy of the Elements

Class 3-The Planets Part 1

Class 4-The Planets Part 2

Class 5-The Signs Part 1 

Class 6-The Signs Part 2

Class 7-The Houses

Class 8-The Aspects and Sacred Geometry

Class 9-Essential Dignity and Aspect Practice

Class 10-Chart Aspect Patterns

Class 11-The Lunar Nodes and Soul Purpose

Class 12-Working with Transits

Class 13-Cultivating Intuition with Chart Reading Practice

Class 14-Understanding Synodic Cycles through the Lunation Cycle

Class 15-Understanding Retrogrades and Mercury Cycles

Class 16-Venus Cycles and Discovering Venus Phases

Class 17-Key Life Cycles of Outer Planets

Class 18-Discovering Creative Genius in a Chart

Class 19-Discovering Hidden Gifts in a Chart

Class 20-Ethics, Integrity, and Consultation Skill

Class 21-Review Session and Closing Ceremony Celebration

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"My name is Jenny Fitterer, and I am 6 weeks into Jaime's Cosmic Astrology Apprenticeship. My experience so far is already one of receiving immense value. Jaime has structured the course in a very comprehensive way, where each week builds on concepts from the week before at a pace that is progressive, yet you don't feel left behind. I especially like how she starts by grounding into the astronomy of our solar system, providing an understanding of the physical reality of the cosmos before moving into the astrology. I came into the course with a basic knowledge of astrology already, but in every class I am still gaining new insights and different perspectives. There is something to be learned no matter what level of knowledge you have coming into the course. 


As a teacher, Jaime brings a radiant, positive energy to every class, and you can tell she has a deep heart for her students and the subject matter. As this is the beta launch for the apprenticeship, we are all learning together the best flow of the course, and Jaime adapts in real-time to the needs of the students so she can improve on the course experience for future students. 


One of the unique aspects Jaime brings to teaching natal chart reading is a belief in the dignity of every person coming to an astrologer for insight. Jaime always grounds us that we as astrologers are not here to dictate someone's path or personality to them in a top-down manner; we are here to offer wisdom and interpretations but ultimately to defer to the greater self-knowledge each person has about themselves. It is important to find a mentor that has not only knowledge, but the integrity and heart to integrate that knowledge skillfully. Jaime is all of these things. I am excited to see where the rest of my astrology journey with Jaime leads me."

-Jenny Fitterer, Current Astrology Apprentice


One-Time Payment


(A $300 discount from the full price of $3,000)

Six-Part Payment Plan

 $500 per payment

($3,000 total)

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