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Sky & Earth

Welcome to Day 1
Day 1 Offerings
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Divine Harmony

Free Gifts:

One-Month Free Trial to Divine Harmony's Member's Only Content

This exclusive offer allows you to check out all the members-only content on Divine Harmony’s website for FREE for 30 days.

You will have free access to the Horoscopes (weekly, lunar monthly and yearly), Monthly Astrology Forecast, Solar/Lunar Gate calls and more!


FREE LIVE WEBINAR - REGULUS IN VIRGO- The Heart of the Lion in the sign of the Virgin 

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Fixed stars seem fixed and unmoving but due to precession they actually move very slowly over time- not noticeable in one human life but noticeable when you track there movement over thousands of years.  A fixed star will stay in a sign for 2000 years when it shift signs it heralds a change in consciousness that is incoming.  


With Regulus- the Royal Fixed Star of leadership- moving from yang, solar leo to yin, earthy virgo- we have a shift of leadership occurring.  We are seeing an end to leadership driven by ego and individuality and the beginning of the immense rise of leadership driven by service and humility.  As Virgo is the Virgin we are also seeing the rise of the Divine Feminine and female leaders as well as beings (binary and non-binary) who deeply honor the Feminine.  


We don’t just have Regulus in a new sign- all 4 of the Royal Fixed Stars are now in new signs- shifting the Fixed Cross into a Mutable Cross.  The winds of change are blowing! 


Come join my free Masterclass about this shift and what it means for us as a humanity.  It is time for our myths to change and it is up to us to dream them into reality.  


Class airs live on Sunday April 10, 2022 at 12pm PDT.  If you cannot make it live a replay link will go out afterwards.  


To register for this FREE event click here- 

Divine Harmony's Bio:

Divine Harmony is a mother, mystic, astrologer, mythologist, writer and teacher. With her background in Depth Psychology and Spirituality she works to weave together the Dark and the Light, the mundane and the sacred, the depths and the heights in order to support personal awakening, healing and wholeness. She sees astrology as an amazing alchemical tool for self-understanding and living a more conscious, integrated life. Her work includes teaching at yoga and consciousness festivals, teaching beginner and intermediate astrology classes online, writing extensively and consulting with clients. She has a special interest in the Divine Feminine, the Dark Feminine, Shadow Work, Conscious Relationship and learning how to raise the new children incarnating on the planet today.

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Venus is the Golden Key Into the Age of Aquarius
Sasha Rose

Free Gift

Align with the Star Wisdom Part 1 and 2

Part 1: An overview of how the energies now point to the resurrection of the Sacred Feminine as key to this year.


Part 2: A walk through 2022 with Venus at Center


BONUS: 5-Day Heroine's Experience: Guidance on how to anchor the Solar Feminine through synching with Venus and discovering our unique Venus Avatar.



Sasha's Bio:

Sasha Rose is the founder of Venus Wisdom. She is an Astrologer devoted to the awakening of our deepest heart knowing and full embodiment of our gifts at this epic time. She is deeply connected to nature, a practical mystic, writer, teacher entrepreneur, and mother of a teen daughter.

Sasha Rose has been passionately studying astrology for 28 years. She draws upon her intuition and intimacy with nature, as well as studies of astrology, meditation, wellness, culture, and studies of Montessori's Cosmic Education. She earned her BA in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Communities and holds a CA Teaching Credential. 

After receiving a direct transmission in 2012 when Venus visibly crossed the face of the Sun, she was inspired to birth Venus Wisdom and guide visionary women to synch with Venus and embody their deepest and most powerful truth.  

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Divine Union at Zero Degrees:
Expanding Past the Past Relationship Paradigms
Meru Matu

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Meru's Bio:

Meru Matu is the owner and creator of Sun Soul Astrology on YouTube, Sun Soul Skin and PIMPMYMATRIX Lifestyle Clothing and Accessories specializes in Quantum Astrology. This is a unique brand of astrology blended with Quantum Physics to bring you in-depth quantum planetary translations through her One Hour Consultations/Coaching as well as Quantum Astrology Education.

Meru also hosts Ayahuasca Retreats in Iquitos, Peru for those who want to dive deeper into the path of unlocking their subconscious and elevating their spiritual growth processes. She takes people into the jungle with the Shipibo Tribe who are the Master Keepers of Ayahuasca for a truly transformational experience.

Connect with Meru:

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Instagram: @sunsoulastrology
Sovereign Union: A Creative Exploration
Dewi Maile Lim

Please have the following items nearby for the session (any substitutes that are accessible to you is also fine): Colored Pens, Crayons or Pencils; Sketchpad or Journal; 3 skin-friendly Essential Oils; and a Cozy Object (stuffed animal, sweater, blanket or squishy pillow).

Free Gift:

YOU; ORACLE!: An Intentional Creativity™ Oracle Deck Workshop for Visionary Women.


Harness the Power of your Inner Oracle and Source Guidance from Within with Dewi Maile Lim of New Earth Luminary.


Create your own handmade Oracle Deck for Divination, Inspiration and Confirmation (all sourced from within)!


"I so love my deck of cards I created from your workshop. They are so powerful. I might like them better than all of my decks!" - Monica Maria Aparicio, 5D Intuitive Mentor & Master Teacher

Dewi's Bio:

Dewi (Day-we) Maile Lim is on a mission to support New Earth Visionary Women with the tools, resources and collaborative community required to Co-Create the experience of Heaven on Earth, now.


She is an Artist, a Spiritual Life & Business Coach and the Founder of New Earth Sisterhood and the Sovereign Creatrix Membership Club for New Earth Luminary Women. Dewi leads in person and online retreats, Sister Circles and Creative Vision Quests using her Ceremonial Painting™ process.


Dewi is passionate about the intersection of Business, Collaboration, Creativity, Consciousness Expansion and Personal and Planetary Sovereignty. She was born and raised on Moku o Keawe, Hawai'i Island, and currently resides in her hometown of Hilo. Dewi honors the Kanaka Maoli people of Hawaii and the Beings of Lemuria and Mu as well as unnamed others who have inhabited and cared for the 'aina for millennia before her.

Connect with Dewi:

Sovereign Creatrix Membership Club
YouTube Channel
Instagram: @alohadev
New Earth Sisterhood Facebook Group
Becoming the Clear Vessel
Natalia Price

Free Gift:

Join us for a free Equinox Full Moon Circle on Fri March 18, 2022. Harnessing the power of the Full moon aligned with the Earth energy Spring Equinox to empower our visions to align and rebalance

Embodying the energy of the Creatrix Lady of Communion to redefine our power and intentions from a place of wholeness and clear motivations.

A new year-long virtual 13 Moon Mystery School Priestess Initiation is starting soon.

Journeying with feminine archetypes to empower you to embody your intuitive wisdom, confidence and feminine leadership with power and presence and self-mastery .

Natalia's Bio:

 In this current life, I am an ordained priestess and focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I have been involved with the 13 moon work and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury for 19 years. Drawing inspiration from my journeys as a ritual theatre performance artist, yoga instructor, ceremonialist, and gypsy, I facilitate ceremonies, retreats and initiations to support and inspire women in aligning with their feminine wisdom, embodying their true essence and offering their gifts in the world with clarity confidence.

Born and raised all over South America with Argentinian and Welsh blood, I have traveled the world following the inner call for the sacred, Mother Earth and the embodiment of the divine feminine in all cultures, places and people, especially sacred sites. My spiritual lineage is that of ancient Egypt….of the temples of Isis and Hathor. Aligning my inner compass to the ritual arts and remembrance of those times of service to the Mother in all.

The midwifing into death of some of my closest beloveds initiated me into the deeper realms of death and guided me into the role of temple keeper of the Queen of Death for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.  I became certified as a death doula and work with the Full Circle Living and Dying Collective to transform and reclaim our relationship and ritual with the death process.

I currently live in Nevada City, CA with my 8 year-old son and husband, where we own  Sacredskulls Tattoo and Jewelry. I facilitate a year-long priestess initiation circle in the 13 Moon Mystery school, as well as new/full moon gatherings, 1:1 soul work with individuals, workshops and community rituals.

I am continuously weaving my priestess path and family life as a living prayer of devotion to transforming and uplifting consciousness through the awakening of the heart and embodiment of our body temples. I am fiercely dedicated to empowering women to rediscover and remember what makes them feel alive, passionate and whole and how to offer that in service to the planet in Love and rebalance the Divine Feminine in the world.

Connect with Natalia:

Instagram: @Natalia.price
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