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Sky & Earth

Welcome to Day 2
Day 2 Offerings
The Sacred Union of Venus & Mars
Shu Yap

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Webinar: The Four Temperaments - An introduction

In this webinar, you'll discover the four major temperaments - Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic - and how they were considered in ancient western medicine under the Hippocratic/Galenic tradition. This is an introduction to understanding the qualities of these humors and how they can expand your understanding of the planets and signs in character analysis.

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Shu's Bio:

Shu is a consulting astrologer, teacher and writer from Central Victoria, Australia on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. For Shu, astrology is a way of life, not just a livelihood. Her practice influences every aspect of her life as a grower, beekeeper, artist, mother of three, owner builder, off-grid homesteader and custodian of 80 acres of bushland. Inspired by the Hermetic philosophy, Shu practices traditional astrology, is a student of alchemy and embodies a sky-centred approach to her art. Certified at the Melbourne School of Astrology and the School of Traditional Astrology in Horary and Traditional Medical Astrology, Shu now runs a consulting practice, writes weekly planetary news on her blog and teaches and mentors students worldwide.

Connect with Shu:

Instagram: @interpsycle_astrology
Facebook: @interpsycleastrology
Interpsycle Observator (weekly planetary news)
As Above So Below:
How the Planets Manifest in the Physical Body
Kira Sutherland

Free Gift

Medical Astrology and Natural Health chart


This is a great 1-page handout that covers many topics related to medical astrology: body parts rules, vitamins, herbs and foods connected to each sign and much more.


Kira's Bio:

Kira Sutherland is a highly experienced, award-winning naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and medical astrologer living in Sydney Australia. She divides her time between clinical practice and writing/lecturing on these subjects, and is known and loved for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style. She has lectured around the world and uses her 25 years of clinical experience and vast knowledge of healing in combination with her passion for medical astrology into a wonderful mix of mind-body medicine.

Connect with Kira:



Instagram: @astrologyofhealth

Facebook: @Astrology of Health


TikTok: @astrology_health

Capricorn Venus in Earth & Sky:
Empowering Your Divine Feminine
with Sacred Aromatherapy
Sheridan Semple, HHP, CCA, CNC

Your Gift:

Guide to Astrology & Aromatherapy

How to Support Your Soul's Journey with Plant Essences


Free Guide to Blending Astrology and Aromatherapy


Which Essential Oils Go with Your Signs?


Why Use Aromatherapy to Support Your Astrology Chart and Cycles?


Learn Here in this Free Guide!

Sheridan's Bio:


I know firsthand how aligning ourselves with our ancestral ways brings us into communion with the cycles of the earth. Consciously connecting to the natural world around us provides insight and gives meaning to our lives, just as it did for our ancestors. We aren’t any different. We’re just remembering now.


My calling is helping others in a deep, meaningful way to use the earth and the sky to find themselves. Through Shamanic Astrology, I guide people into a better understanding of why they are here. By using plant spirit medicine, in the form of Sacred Aromatherapy, I assist people in coming into alignment with the vibration of the earth. I’m constantly in awe by the ways that connecting to nature and the cosmos can heal us and lead us to the path we came here to walk. That’s powerful!


By trade, I am a Certified Shamanic Astrologer, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA) and Certified Nutritionist (CNC). I offer Shamanic Astrology readings weaving in Sacred Aromatherapy to support the archetypes in one’s chart as well as the current cycles one is experiencing. I co-teach Venus Ceremonial Journeys online, with Cayelin Castell. I teach classes and hold study groups in both Astrology and Aromatherapy. I hold monthly online New Moon Ceremonies. Several times a year, I instruct a Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification course through Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy. Visit to learn more.

Connect with Sheridan:

Instagram @sheridan.semple
Facebook @sheridansemple
Look Up to See Beneath
Vanessa Strauss

Vanessa's Bio:

Vanessa has 20 years expereince of consulting and treating clients and patients in the healing and esoteric arts. She is an Allied Health Professional practicing as an Acupuncturist and Medical Astrologer in Byron Bay Australia. She also lectured at tertiary level for 5 years in the Bachalor of Health Science: Chinese Medicine and Acupunture. Her specific areas of interest are in accessing the liminal space where unsconscious patterns and shadow material, can become identified and brought into the light of consciousness for healing and integration. Using an array of tools such as astrology, mythology, depth psychology, acupuncture, acutonics sound medicine and storytelling Vanessa has been able to support many people embrace themselves into a compassionate emergence of shadow and light.

Connect with Vanessa:

Facebook: Vanessa Strauss
Instagram: @vanessa_strauss_astrology
Healing the Inner-Battle Between 
Your Feminine & Masculine
Mar Guerrero

Free Gift:

Shamanic Breathwork to embrace the sacred marriage within

This is a live Shamanic Breathwork session that will be the 17th of March. If you cannot make it live, you can sign up and get the recording (that will be available for a few days after the session).


Mar's Bio:

 Mar Guerrero is a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, an interpreter of the Cosmic patterns, an Astrologer with a strong focus on bridging Earth and Sky to connect with the power of our souls. She is also a Reiki Master and a Tarot reader.


Diving into her own soul journey has taken her to facilitate and hold space for others’ transformational processes. She is deeply called to inspire others the courage needed to transform wounds into medicine for themselves and for the world, trusting that human beings are capable to manifest the impossible, WE ARE POSSIBLE TOGETHER!!!! She founded ALMAKHEMY with that intention, we are not meant to do this alone!!!!!

Connect with Mar:

YouTube Channel
Instagram: @almakhemy

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