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Sky & Earth

Welcome to Day 3
Day 3 Offerings
Create an Expansive Vision for Your Life
with Jupiter in Pisces 
Rachel Onojafe

Free Gift

What's Your Entrepreneurial Archetype?

Watch this video to learn Rachel's 12 Entrepreneurial Archetypes based on her Cosmic Clues method. All you will need is your birth chart! These Archetypes will support you in being the highest expression of a boss and leader that you can be. Watch via this link. To connect with Rachel and join her email newsletter list, click here.

Rachel's Bio:

Rachel Onojafe is The Cosmic Coach and founder of the Cosmic Coach Academy. She is known for her unique approach to coaching using cosmic systems in combination with mindset and energetics. She believes self understanding and love is at the root of our power.


Her teaching bridges both the Astrology and Coaching industries…and it’s making waves. 
 No more cookie-cutter approaches.


No more using Astrology to make excuses. No more disempowering cosmic stories…


She celebrates her clients as they confidently build their businesses, open to new love and clarify their vision for life! She stands for being radically YOU, the unique being that came here for a reason to live life on your terms. It’s time to KNOW, LOVE and BE YOURSELF.


Connect with Rachel:

The Star: Astrology for Coaches Course - Starts March 17

Instagram @rachelonojafe
Dream to Action Facebook Group
Instinctual Healing + Embodied Creativity
with Jupiter
Nura Rachelle

Free Gift

Embodying Creativity Journey

When you’re wanting to connect with your truest desires, it helps to get in your body and get physically creative. That’s what you’ll find here.

Nura's Bio:

Nura Rachelle is an intuitive astrologer who draws from many knowledge branches including evolutionary, esoteric and traditional western astrology for deepening self-awareness. She integrates herbalism, movement practices and intuitive skill-building in her consulting and educational work. Embodiment of purpose and everyday soul realization is at the core of Nura’s offerings, and her focus on simplicity + daily ritual grounds cosmic wisdom in clarity of action.

Connect with Nura:


Instagram @nurarachelle

YouTube Channel Nura Rachelle Astrology

Nodal Axis and Uranus
Sol W Jonassen

Sol's Bio:


Sol W Jonassen is an evolutionary astrologer who has been practicing professionally since 1999 and during that time has spent a lot of time researching the asteroids, delving into Chiron and focused her lens in on the particular capacity astrology is as a healing tool to gain better health, stronger self-awareness and reinstate a spiritual connection.


Her work ranges from lecturing, teaching, seeing clients and researching astrology. She has hosted several astrology conferences in Oslo and has been working with both OPA and ISAR for many years. She has also been a teacher at several schools and continues to have a group of students that she mentors online. She has lectured at Norwac, UAC, River of Stars, IVC, Astrology Rising and several other international conferences. She currently writes astrology for one of Norway’s biggest magazines, KK.

Connect with Sol:

Instagram @polarisastrology
YouTube Channel Polaris Astrology
Embodying With Venus
Lila Sofiyah

Free Gift

Embodying Earth and Sky Meditation

An opportunity to deepen into your body temple and receive earth and sky within. This is a beautiful daily practice or can be done when you need a boost or to come back into presence and connection.

Lila's Bio:

A dance weaver, alchemical priestess, cosmic soul guide and divine feminine mentor, Lila loves to create spaces for inspiration, connection and remembrance.


For the past 15 years she has shared, studied and devoted 1000's of hours towards this path of the divine feminine, cyclical living, the cosmos and embodiment. Sharing with her local and international communities and learning from many amazing teachers and mentors, who have been an inspiration & support on this path.


She is humbled to be able to guide and mentor others on their path of awakening and transformation, holding a loving space for coming home to oneself, to remember their true unique essence and shine that into the world.


Lila brings a nurturing presence and playful spirit to engage and inspire others to connect with their own joy, passion and authentic selves. Weaving in ceremony into all her offerings as her devotion to the divine and desire to create safe and sacred spaces for self-healing, awareness and presence.


She is deeply moved by the cycles of nature, of the cosmos and our innate inner rhythms that guide our life's flow


Connect with Lila:

Join Our Wild Woman Wisdom Sisterhood on FB
Magdalene Rose Temple
Instagram @anandalila
Venus Rising Playlist
Aries Equinox:
Sacred Rebels Initiation
Mariangela Parrodi

Free Gift:

Healing Sacred Scars Gift

Join my ‘Healing Sacred Scars’ community, to access the powerful equinox ritual. There’s power in our wounds, they are our ‘sacred scars’. If you are a healer who wants to discover how to find the power behind your wounds, live from your brilliance, and stay in alignment with your optimum health. The group is filled with valuable, proven, high vibe information with hundreds of amazing healers and intuitives who are learning how to transform their sacred scars into their greatest potential, stay revitalised, while being of sacred service using their unique spiritual gifts in a whole new way.



Mariangela's Bio:

Mariangela Parrodi – alchemist, transformational intuitive healer, naturopath, inter-dimensional shamanic & angelic channel, author, teacher, spiritual coach, and intuitive astrologer.

For 30 years, Mariangela has practiced in the fields of energy medicine, biomedical science, naturopathy, holistic health, and meditation. She is the Founder of the Alkymia Energie Healing ™, a spiritual system that eliminates limiting beliefs, removes blocks and reprograms the mindset, creating connection, integration and transformation which awakens sacred power and destiny.


Mariangela uses her sacred alchemy process to find the power behind your sacred wounds, stepping out into your brilliance & fast track your progress, embody your divine purpose and be your FULLEST expression, while not compromising on your health and create deep transformation in the world.


Connect with Mariangela:

Alkymia Facebook
Instagram @alkymia8

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