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Sky & Earth

Welcome to Day 5
Day 5 Offerings
The Magic and Mystery of the
19-Year Lunar Standstill
Cayelin K Castell

Cayelin's Free Gift:

Cayelin's article on Geomantic Moon Magic AND the 19-Year Lunar Standstill!

Includes access to the slides from Cayelin's Bridging Sky & Earth interview!

Cayelin's Bio:

Cayelin K Castell is the co-founder of Venus Alchemy, My Star Alchemy and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. In addition to writing monthly Celestial Timings for over 25 years, she enjoys sharing these mysteries through personal readings and teaching both Online and In Person Events, changing lives and perspectives from the visionary understanding that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us!

Connect with Cayelin: - Explore the many free articles and resources!
Venus Alchemy
Venus Alchemy Classes
My Star Alchemy
My Star Alchemy Class
Cayelin's YouTube Channel
Being Human & Divine
Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Abigail's Free Gift

Eye of the Storm

A meditation to help you find your center in the midst of the storms of life.

Abigail's Bio:

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu is the founder of Moon Goddess Publishing and Moon Goddess Academy. She is an Elevated Consciousness and Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Goddess Activator, Multidimensional Healer, #1 Bestselling Publisher, and Author. She is also the host of the Sovereign Divinity podcast.


She works with Master souls, Leaders, Visionaries, Wayshowers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Powerhouse women to bridge the gap between their physical and spiritual selves so they can maximize their success creating greater impact, more money, and an aligned resonant magical life.


She guides women to their Greatness, inspiring them to truly own their Divine Essence, Presence, Power, and Worth to create a high vibration life that is their divine birthright, their own version of Heaven on Earth. She lovingly and powerfully reminds her clients of the truth of what they really are beyond the limitations that they are currently perceiving, which is that they are powerful and limitless.


She helps her clients remember who they really are, breaking down the mental constructs, illusions, and programmings, removing all those masks, and Activating their divine blueprint, vision, and purpose. Freedom is the result.


Some of the themes around her work include Goddess mentorship, Feminine leadership, DNA and Light Activations, Mindset restructuring, Multidimensional Healing, Archetypes, Starseeds, Awakening, Quantum manifestation, and Divine remembrance.

Connect with Abigail:

Moon Goddess Academy Website

Join My FB group for conscious empowered goddesses with a big vision and divine calling who want to unravel and embody, reclaim and express all that they gloriously are:

Join the Moon Goddess Sacred Sanctum FB Group

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Venus as Sky Dancer:
Libra Star Point
Damascena Tanis

Damascena's Free Gift:

Damascena has added a full page of free Summit Goodies in The Planetary Priestess Portal of her website. 


Navigate to Damascena's website, and enter your e-mail in the box that pops up to receive access to The Planetary Priestess Portal. Open the Portal and Simply Scroll Down to find the words “Bridging Earth & Sky Summit", and click the tab.


Inside you will find a full length video of embodiment practices. A Libra Star Point Playlist. And a free Masterclass on the entire Venus Cycle, along with slides.


All this, plus access to the free Planetary Priestess Library of Premium Content.

Damascena's Bio:


Damascena is an Archetypal Astrologer, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and The Facilitator of the Transformative Journey through the Mandala of Venus’ Wisdom, called “Sky Dancer”.


She is a passionate devotee of the ever unfolding mystery. As an expert observer, a trait she developed as an only child, she regards herself as both a student of life, and decoder of the cosmos.


Skilled at recognizing invisible patterns, and picking up on subtle shifts in the collective, she gets a thrill from uncovering and revealing the hidden threads woven together to create our paradigm.


Her passion for this existential detective work aligns well with her unique approach to one on one client work, as she helps others to discover the building blocks of their archetypal blueprint, and mythic overtones. She does not believe that astrology is static, and therefore works with clients to develop strategies and practices that allows them to transcend challenging aspects of their natal chart.


She lives on the Shores of Lake Erie with her husband, four kids, and Cat, Oscar (the grouch).


These days, when she isn’t interpreting a natal chart, or translating the stars for her astrology blog, you can find her engaging in one of her favorite pandemic pastimes, unraveling her inner “good girl”, cultivating the ability to thrive in the deep, dark, unknown, or playing her favorite game of identifying fun paradoxes called “two things are true at once”.

Connect with Damascena:

Red Moon Revival
Damascena's Facebook
Planetary Priestess FB Group
Instagram @red_moon_revival
Triggers are Trailheads to Treasures!
Diane Gribbin B.Sc., D.S.Homed, M.Sc.

Diane's Free Gift:

☯️Free Guided Feminine Masculine Inner Balance Journey & Free Qigong Video to Increase Vitality!

We each have masculine feminine energies ☯️ a dance of Yin & Yang. When they are in healthy relationship, they dance together co-creating natural outward action informed by our hearts and deep inner knowing. Often we are unaware of inner gaps we may need to bridge. Learn more about signs that indicate imbalance and learn a practice to weave a loving bridge when you sign up to receive a free guided meditation to grow new inner awareness around inner feminine masculine balance as well as a free Qigong video to increase Vitality! We need to be resourced to keep melting through to more free flowing love, life, health, vitality, authenticity & freedom in these wild times!

Diane's Bio:

Diane’s passion to support others in unleashing infinite natural love, health, and balance to flow through from the personal to the planetary led her to certifications in Somatic Attachment Therapy, degrees in Human Health Sciences (specializing in “HEART health”), Homeopathic Medicine, Masters in Environmental Science & Sustainability, and now with over 16 years of training and teaching with her Qigong Master and his Master, she offers HeartWood Qigong Instructor Training to ripple health peace and balance world wide.


Her early studies interwove over a decade of river guiding in the Arctic where her heart song and the courage to let it flow rose up like the wild rivers she traveled.  Her greatest transformation has been the heroine’s journey from her own early birth trauma and transgenerational trauma to being birthed herself as a loving mother and partner now consciously parenting her two young children – her greatest teachers of all!


Diane’s vision is one of unity, awakening and healing our interconnections with ALL of life. Her devotional service work is “being the bridge” supporting others in melting inner and outer divides to heal into wholeness through her "Accelerated Melt" & "Triggers are Trailheads" healing programs.

After her Homeopathic internship was complete in England she worked for Health Canada as a Scientific Assessment officer of Traditional and Homeopathic Medicine contributing in World Health Organization document reviews during the creation of Canada’ s Natural Health Products Directorate and as a Health Canada Senior Officer in Natural Alternatives to Pesticides receiving awards in both these areas. She holds a deep evolving passion for exploring the inter-weavings of Science & Spirituality… Holistic and Conventional medicine… the inner and outer dance of Yin & Yang … to pioneer new ways of revealing and bridging the gaps we discover. Her work weaves the bridge to full embodiment and freedom through loving presence and compassionate curiosity, be it our own inner separations from personal or transgenerational trauma, masculine feminine balance, conditioned self states and polarities... our true nature and connection to nature wants to fully express and guide us heart first! Health wants to happen and Diane supports the work to accelerate our melting home through to our natural free flowing aliveness! Her programs unleash natural love health and authenticity to promote thriving and living in balance from the personal to the planetary.

Diane is the Founding Director of HeartWood Healing Arts Centre where she offers in person and online classes, Qigong instructor training programs, sustainability teachings, workshops and one on one coaching programs "Accelerated Melt" and "Triggers Are Trailheads"


Diane birthed LET LOVE WIN! A beautiful global movement and community (created in response to uncertainty unrest and polarities on the planet) ​to create an accessible affordable safe space for gathering to melt anything in the way of love through intentional movement, meditation, feeling, healing, sharing and visioning together in uncertain times. She believes DEEP self care IS interconnected to EARTH care. There has never been a more important time on the planet to listen to our heart songs and together find the courage to sing balance into being from the personal to the planetary to LET LOVE WIN!

Connect with Diane:

Heartwood Healing Arts Website
Instagram @heartwoodhealingarts
Heartwood Healing Arts Qigong
Let Love Win Global Community
Heartwood Healing Arts FB
Ancient Future Alchemical Systems
to Nurture Natural Wisdom
Zoey Wind

Zoey's Bio:

 Bringing Wisdom from the Stars, Stones and ancient future alchemical systems, Zoey Wind nurtures your natural wisdom to bring guidance so you can live a life more aligned with your purpose, passion and highest service. She is a professional astrologer from natal chart, astrocartography, and synergistic partner readings. She is an herbalist, regenerative systems designer and Esoteric Researcher and Practitioner with 12 years experience living in and co-creating regenerative community and landscape design across all planes.


She offers advising for New Earth Leaders seeking to bridge Heaven and Earth with the Inner and Outer work to manifest the change we want to see in the world and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Connect with Zoey:

Zoey Wind's Website
Facebook - Zoey Wind and Awakened Astrology
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