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Sky & Earth

Welcome to Day 6
Day 6 Offerings
Ground Zero:
Trust Yourself
Cili Cline

Cili's Bio:

Cili Cline is a Quantum Soul Healing Artist, A Mystic, and traveler of the unseen worlds, including our Planet Earth. Her spiritual quest began around the age of 13 when she chose to leave the disharmony of the family home to journey forward.  She is a “Sensitive”, with gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and telepathic awareness. Her experience and expertise transverse many disciplines and layers of understanding, from the physical to the stars and beyond.  Working as a licensed professional for over 30 years, Cili has conducted more than 25,000 healing sessions.  When acting as a facilitator and holding a healing space for a client or the collective field, she hones-in and draws forward her extra sensory perception while also utilizing her toolbox with more than 50 different studied modalities, astrology being one of them.  Her main source of nourishment and soul food has been received primarily through a spiritual context and actualizing experiences. Transformation and Shadow Work are an integral ongoing life process upon her evolutionary journey back home into her heart. Her poison continues to become her medicine. Her education and learning have become her healing.

Connect with Cili:

Remembering the Natural Healing State
of the Earth and Cosmos
Martha Alter Hines

Martha's Free Gift

Channeled Book and Guided Meditation: Gaia Speaks

I would love to offer you two free gifts that compliment each other - a digital copy of the channeled book, Gaia Speaks, as well as an accompanying channeled, guided meditation, "Co-Regulation with Mama Gaia and The All That Is."


Gaia Speaks is a channeled book, a message from Gaia supporting us to come into our natural state of being a "divine tuning fork" in co-creation with her.


The free video then is a channeled, guided experience of being held by Gaia herself.


I am feeling called to offer these to you now in this time when the north node of the moon is in Taurus and I am feeling called to come so strongly into our remembering of our oneness with our Mother Earth and the healing this offers us as individuals and our world in general.

Martha's Bio:

Martha was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist for much of the past twenty years, as well as a massage therapist and energy worker. Martha has studied evolutionary astrology with Ari Moshe and is the author of the 2022 Cosmic Rhythms Journal, as well as the Living the One Light channeled book series. Martha holds the intention and prayer that we all remember the natural state of perfection and oneness that we are with life itself, with the Earth, and with all of existence and that this remembering is a source of comfort, healing, and deep joy and peace for each of us and our world.

Connect with Martha:

Living the One Light Website

Living the One Light YouTube Channel


Drawing From Our Essence
Selena Jane Wilson

Selena's Free Gift:

Digital Astro Art Demo

Join me in the creation of your own personal North Node digital art collage. This gift to yourself will help you to embody the path of your destiny and be a beautiful reminder of your essence.

Selena's Bio:


Selena Jane Wilson is a visionary artist and intuitive creator. She has a strong intrigue into all things Venus, the nodes, and White Moon Selena! She is an author and an educator, you can find out more about her publications, services, and links to original and print artworks on her website.

Connect with Selena:

Instagram @selenium1art
TikTok @white.moon.selena
Astrologyworld is open 24/7 to pop in and meet new friends or invite your community into for meetups! Not optimized for mobile, so pop in when you’re on your desktop/laptop and enjoy the space. Feel free to stay in the world as you multitask in other tabs, consider it a cosmic coworking space!
Mini-Hypnotherapy Session:
A Reunion with Only Love
Sharon Belknap, CHt

Sharon Belknap is a certified hypnotherapist. Certificate Number HT 122-023 and is not licensed as a therapist. Please take the proper precautionary measures to be sure you are in safe place and not driving or any other activity that are not suitable for deep relaxation. This mini-hypnotherapy session is much like a guided meditation with the distinction of first setting and intention or a forming a question. My guidance will support and enhanced relaxed state and I will verbalize the suggestion for the presence of Wisdom to enter your field for that which is to be received as it relates to your intention, question or other. To conclude the session, I will gently bring you back into an awakened state. Check in with your own body wisdom and inner-guidance before participating in hypnotherapy.

Sharon's Free Gift:

Receive access to a free guided meditation from Sharon!

Sharon's Bio:

Sharon Belknap grew up with nature as her first teacher. At an early age she felt the joy of drawings and letters flowing through her hand. She has always felt an alignment with infinite love. Up until her early 40's she felt more life a misfit in the academic and corporate world. With the practice of tai chi and reiki she began to shed the constructs she'd adopted so willingly. Professionally, she has utilized her love of the arts by creating brands and designs for over 30 years in her solo graphic design studio. Craving a return to drawing she rediscovered "sketching" in 2017 and created a small collection of cards, boxed in collections of 40, they fit in the palm of your hand. The intent behind Tidbits is to give them away to people in unlimited loving ways! Tidbits of Love - From and for the Heart, Kind messages with art.


In 2019, Sharon took her love to the low tide beaches, in a very big way! Creating massive mandalas in Sand Art along with loving messages. She positions herself below bridges or staircases along the San Diego coast. Passers by call out with love and appreciation!


On July 4, 2020, Sharon's firefighter son ascended while doing what he was passionate about, riding a motorcycle. This event was proceeded by Sharon receiving a vision, a white glowing orb appeared in front of her as her son said the word "motorcycle". A vast and infinite presence of love, eager, warm and glorious beyond human comprehension filled her and her entire being said "he's going". The feeling of expansive joy was millions of times more loving than anything she's ever felt. She was a part of this love. She was there with him. As soon as the vision came, it left and left her consciousness. She continued her call with her amazing 28 year old son. The next morning, the family received the call. She was filled with the remembrance of the vision. Her response to her family, "I knew."


This began Sharon's journey to understanding that we are love, we come from love, we are never without love, we return to love.


This has led Sharon to her certification in Hypnotherapy. She is committed to supporting others in returning to the origin of their unique soul essence, held within "Only Love".

Connect with Sharon:

For Free Guided Meditation and Online Group Sessions
Life Flow Hypnotherapy
Sharon Belknap Design
Tidbits of Love

By participating in this hypnotherapy session, you voluntarily do so at your own discretion. You agree to release and discharge Astrology with Jaime from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of this hypnotherapy session.

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