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Astrology 101
Discovering the Planetary Archetypes Within
Monday, March 15th
12pm CDT
(A replay will be sent out!)

The planets are as much alive within you as they are out in the sky. We each hold the entire Cosmos within us. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.


Each planetary archetype represents a different aspect of your personality and has its own needs, wants, and motivations. For example, the Moon symbolizes your emotional needs, and Venus represents your relationship needs. By understanding the planetary archetypes, you can more consciously embody these archetypes within yourself and skillfully meet their needs.


Understanding the planetary archetypes allows for a much deeper knowing of self. When you meet the needs of each of the planetary archetypes within you in conscious, healthy ways, you can live with greater levels of holistic wellbeing. You can live in more harmony with the above and below.


In this workshop, you will learn about

-the archetypal nature of each of the planets

-the needs, drives, and motivations of each planet

-how to more consciously embody the energy of the planetary archetypes

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About Jaime

Jaime Lee Goldstein is an Intuitive Astrologer who weaves her intuition with her deep studies of astrology. Jaime has a deep connection to the stars above and the Earth below. She serves as a celestial guide of translating cosmic energies and serves to spark cosmic remembrance of our star seed nature. Jaime believes in living life magically and loves to empower others through astrology to become more conscious creators of their lives.


Jaime supports others with her mystic gifts through astrology readings, teaching astrolog, and sound healing. In readings, Jaime helps her clients re-connect to their soul’s divine purpose and rediscover their spiritual gifts. She utilizes astrology as a roadmap to help her clients live in alignment with their soul’s purpose. Jaime teaches chart reading skills in a 6 month virtual Intuitive Astrology Apprenticeship. She is deeply passionate about teaching astrology to those who want to empower and inspire others with this sacred art. Jaime loves to inspire others to bring their astrology practice beyond the 2D chart and connect with the living sky.


Jaime is also a yoga and mindfulness instructor and loves guiding others to experience astrology as an embodied experience. Before her Saturn Return, Jaime worked in the public school as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for five years including internship where she specialized in integrating mindfulness and yoga into the classroom and therapeutic setting.

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