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Foundations of Chart Reading
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An 8 Week Course
Astrology with Jaime
Registration Now Open
Starting October 25

Come learn the foundations of reading astrology charts in a warm and welcoming space! As we meet for 8 consecutive weeks, you’ll learn how to interpret natal charts based on the elements, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects. You’ll come to understand the archetypes of the planets and signs on a much deeper level and experience astrology come alive in your daily life!


Each class will be taught in a live interactive format that combines direct teaching through presentation and experiential practices to deepen and embody your understanding of the concepts. Jaime teaches in a way that invites integration of left and right brain learning


This 8-week course includes the first set of teaching modules from Jaime's 6 month astrology apprenticeship. This foundational course is designed for those that are new to astrology and for those that have a beginner level knowledge of astrology who would like to expand and deepen their understanding.

Come learn to read astrology charts in a fun and engaging space that simultaneously holds a deep reverence for this sacred art!

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Learn astrology
in a way that is:



​In this 8 week course you'll:

  • Learn the foundations of astrology chart interpretation in an experiential live format.

  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with the zodiac signs and planetary archetypes for astrology to become a lived experience.

  • Deepen self-understanding through applying new levels of interpretation to your chart each week.

Course Features:

  • 16 hours of live teachings on Zoom delivered across 8 weeks

  • Video recordings of classes that you can download for lifetime access

  • Handouts of learning material to go along with each class

  • Weekly home practices to integrate learning

  • Access to private FB group for community and asking questions

💖 BONUS 💖 Receive 2 live Q&A sessions (recordings will be provided)

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Jenny Fitterer

"As a teacher, Jaime brings a radiant, positive energy to every class, and you can tell she has a deep heart for her students and the subject matter. "

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Grace Elizabeth

"Jaime has depth, breadth and intuition to her experiences with the sky and cosmos above which radiates through her teachings and weaving of astronomy and astrology." 

Rachel Wacaster.jpeg

Rachel Wacaster

"Jaime is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to astrology…Jaime creates a safe place to learn and grow at your own pace."

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⭐️ Class 1-Orientation to the Chart and the Elements


  • Learn how to orient yourself to an astrology chart

  • Understand the basic astronomy of the astrology chart

  • Learn the angles of the astrology chart (Ascendent, Descendent, Mc, and Ic)

  • Explore the four elements of the zodiac signs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

  • Begin applying your understanding of the four elements to interpreting a chart (You may be surprised to discover the immense and meaningful interpretive value just from exploring the four elements in a chart!)


⭐️ Class 2-Planetary Archetypes: Part 1


  • Understand the planetary classifications (Luminaries, Personal Planets, Social Planets, and Transpersonal Planets)

  • Learn the planetary archetypes of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

  • Explore the planetary archetypes in your chart with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 3-Planetary Archetypes: Part 2

  • Learn the planetary archetypes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

  • Explore the planetary archetypes in your chart with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 4-Zodiac Signs: Part 1

  • Learn the three modes of the zodiac signs (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable)

  • Deeply explore the archetypes of the zodiac signs (Aries through Virgo)

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding

⭐️ Class 5-Zodiac Signs: Part 2

  • Continue to deeply explore the archetypes of the zodiac signs (Libra through Pisces)

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 6-The Houses

  • Deepen your understanding of the angles (Ascendent, Descendent, Mc, and Ic)

  • Explore the basics of the most commonly used house systems

  • Understand the three types of houses (Angular, Succedent, and Cadent)

  • Learn the meaning of the 12 houses

  • Explore interpreting planets in the signs and houses with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding


⭐️ Class 7-The Aspects

  • Ground into the sacred geometry of the astrological aspects

  • Understand what the astrological aspects are

  • Learn the interpretive meaning of the astrological aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, trine, sextile, quincunx)

  • Explore interpreting the aspects with experiential practice and discussion to deepen understanding


⭐️ Class 8-Essential Dignity and Chart Reading Practice

  • Learn essential dignity (planetary rulership) and how that supports chart interpretation

  • Explore interpreting planets by sign, house, and aspects with experiential practice and discussion to deepen your understanding

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Become the bridge between the 
As Above and So Below.

Class Dates and Times!

Live classes will meet on Mondays from 5:00pm-7:00pm Central the weeks of October 25th  through December 13th. Live classes will be taught on Zoom.


The two bonus Q&As will be announced soon.


While I hope you can attend class live, it is not necessary! If you are unable to attend live due to scheduling, you will receive video access to all of the recordings which can be downloaded for lifetime access! You can even go through them at your own pace!

You do not need to purchase astrology chart software for this course. There are free options available to create charts. I can send you your natal chart at no additional cost as well.


16 hours of class plus
2 Bonus Q&As!
NEW! 3 part payment plan now available! See button above!
Money back guarantee available through first week of class!
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About Jaime

Jaime Goldstein is a Heart-Centered astrologer who has an intimate connection with the Living Sky and Earth.  Astrology is an embodied practice for her, and she seeks to inspire others to learn astrology through their direct experience and Heart-wisdom. It’s her core values that astrology be approached in a way that is Heart-Centered, empowering, and inspiring.

When sharing astrology, Jaime weaves her intuition with her deep studies. She holds sacred space in one-on-one astrology consultation sessions, teaching astrology courses, and her 6-month astrology apprenticeship. Through astrology, she seeks to inspire others to live life magically and become more conscious creators of their lives through understanding the multidimensional nature of astrology.


Jaime has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Specialists Degree (considered halfway between a Master’s and PhD) in School Psychology. Before her Saturn Return, Jaime practiced in the public schools as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. Her Saturn Return called her to leave her career in the public schools and step into the unknown to follow her Heart’s calling. Jaime fell deeply in love with astrology during her Saturn Return when trying to make sense of this time period in her life. Astrology felt very much like a past life remembering as she began to study it more deeply. Jaime has studied under Gary Caton, Gemini Brett, and Sasha Rose.


Jaime is deeply devoted to connecting to astrology as a lived embodied experience. This last year, she has gone on a journey of syncing with Venus’ 19-month cycle with Sasha Rose of Venus Wisdom which has awakened a deeper knowing of astrology within her. Jaime has been featured on podcasts, summits, and a guest teacher on Stormie Grace’s YouTube academy. There is nothing that lights Jaime up more than sharing and teaching astrology and working intimately with clients in astrology chart consultations.

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