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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Abby Gilbert
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Connect with Abby

Trained in Advanced Alkymia Energie Healing, BodyTalk and Outdoor Recreation, Abby combines her 15+ years experience of guiding and connecting people to the deep wisdom of their wild nature, to awaken them to remember who they truly are and empower them to hold to that.

Abby is most at home when learning the songs, stories, teachings and the dances of wild places, which inspire and inform her circle gatherings, sacred spaces, and her individual and group sessions.

Abby's calling is to guide and connect you to your Inner Wilderness and your Nature of Belonging with the outer Wilderness.

“This is the wilderness of your Soul, the environment of your essential nature. The place to unearth and claim your inner secrets and mysteries. To hear your unique song. To know and trust your unique story, resources and gifts. Once you encounter your Soul, you’ve opened a doorway which cannot be closed.”

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