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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Adam AstroYogi Sanchez
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Adam Sanchez has been practicing astrology, yoga, meditation and multidinensional healing disciplines for over 20 years.  His training includes:


2010 Yogaworks Teacher Training

2011 Personal Training Certification

2011 Astrology Training/Study


And over 20 combined years of Academic and Sell-Study


Adam's dedication to understanding his craft is evident in his professionalism, shared knowledge and highly specialized skill sets


Adam became a private chef in 2013 to serve his clients' needs and guide those seeking physical wellness with the importance of a balanced, alkaline diet. for healing and vital nutrition. 


Graciously, this experience gave him the sufficient tools to heal a lifetime of health challenges, culminating in the reversal and full healing of stage-4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, at the age of 31, a mere 18 months after its diagnosis. 


Beginning in young adulthood, Adam actively sought out his spiritual awakening, traveling throughout Europe, India and Peru. He was blessed to learn from a variety of spiritual mentors and masters as he developed his own grounded spiritual practices. Adam now supports seekers as they move towards their own Yogic Liberation and Union with the Creator within.


Adam is currently serving clients globally, as well as growing his Astrology and wellness practice as he prepares for his Summer 2021 Book and Health Freedom tour, with his new work "Ascending the Narcissystem Through Sovereignty, How True Self-Love Heals Human Hatred: an Astrological Journey."

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