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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Ali Nohinek

Ali Nohinek


Intrigued by the idea of drawing inward, I took my first yoga class at a gym in High school. Awkward and out of balance, I felt like a fish out of water. Something about the challenge drew me back in. I have been practicing yoga regularly for a decade. Growing up, I was labeled ADHD, depressed and bi-polar and was on medicine for the majority of my teenage years. One day I got myself off meds cold turkey and decided that I didn’t need these labels any longer.

I realize now that we are what we eat, how we move, and what we think. We are limited or nurtured by all of these factors. Yoga is the process of becoming more aware and I am a humble and forever a student of this practice for those reasons. After a decade of practice, I am only scratching the surface of this ancient lineage.

For the past couple of years, since my husband, James, has been studying Ayurvedic Medicine, I have been able to take my practice of yoga to the next level. In fact, I feel like I was fooling myself before. I am sure I will continue to feel this way as time passes. Our mat is a mirror to ourselves. We can see aspects that we like and do not like, it is my goal to gently and humbly relay these teachings with as much integrity as possible.

I am passionate about biomechanics, Ayurveda, yoga and the mind. When I am not doing yoga, teaching, doing a private or a Thai massage, or writing things like this, I am with my kiddos and husband.

I offer thai body work, private yoga sessions and courses!

Connect with Ali
Instagram: @radiantsunacademy
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