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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Cili Cline

Cili Cline is a Quantum Soul Healing Artist, A Mystic, and traveler of the unseen worlds, including our Planet Earth. Her spiritual quest began around the age of 13 when she chose to leave the disharmony of the family home to journey forward.  She is a “Sensitive”, with gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and telepathic awareness. Her experience and expertise transverse many disciplines and layers of understanding, from the physical to the stars and beyond.  Working as a licensed professional for over 30 years, Cili has conducted more than 25,000 healing sessions.  When acting as a facilitator and holding a healing space for a client or the collective field, she hones-in and draws forward her extra sensory perception while also utilizing her toolbox with more than 50 different studied modalities, astrology being one of them.  Her main source of nourishment and soul food has been received primarily through a spiritual context and actualizing experiences. Transformation and Shadow Work are an integral ongoing life process upon her evolutionary journey back home into her heart. Her poison continues to become her medicine. Her education and learning have become her healing.

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