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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Maria Zeta
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Maria invokes a unique brand of embodyment practise that distills the best of the mind, metaphysics, somatic movement as medicine, yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, and energy attunement for vitality and well-being.  She is able to, "feel," into the session so that she guides the participants through a journey of self-discovery and realization so they come, "home," to themselves and out of the class restored and refreshed.  


An athlete since she was 12 years old, Maria was always interested in how fitness, health, and beauty benefits one's quality of living and has devoted her life to her growth, development and contribution in these fields.  She took up Yoga Meditation and went to India in 1998 to learn the benefits of vegetarianism, positive thinking and stress-free living to one’s well-being. In 2002 she worked for an internationally-awarded wellness destination and learned Sivananda Yoga and a year after began teaching

in international spas and gyms all over Metro Manila. She is signature model for some beauty and wellness brands and has won several awards in fitness. She has appeared as a guest in several local and cable TV networks regarding the mind, health, beauty and yoga, and was a spokesperson for the Nestlé Wellness Tours and in 2009 she was awarded as Nesvita's 10 Most Beautiful, Inside and Out.


In 2005, Maria met her guru who trained her in the Science of Mind and metaphysics learning the powers of the mind and how mind affects life, particularly health.  She got her training and certification for level three of iYoga* (The Integrated Yoga Wellness Program) which integrates ancient and scientific mind-body techniques, principles and disciplines that support vitality, immunity, the brain, nervous system and the body, securing wellness, beauty, fitness and health now and in the long-term. The program is taken to offices and barangays around the country making it easy for hectic individuals to incorporate health into their itinerary for lasting, lifetime results. Under the aegis of senior instructors, Maria concentrates her abilities in designing and facilitating wellness workshops, activities, events and exercise programs that train people to achieve their optimum vitality and well-being today. 

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The Optimized Human
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