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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Sasha Benedetti
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Venus Wisdom Collective
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(For visionary women of heart)

Sasha is the founder of Venus Wisdom. She considers herself a practical mystic and a visionary astrologer. She's devoted to the awakening of our full human potential at this epic time. She

specializes in guiding creative women to sync with the Venus cycle to align with their deepest truth and consciously work with their heroine's journey.


Her own heroine’s journey has taken her through MANY harrowing ups and downs. Focusing on the Venus cycle has supported her to keep landing back in her heart and remembering it is her greatest resource.

Sasha has been studying astrology for 28 years and has been doing readings professionally for 15 years. She was honored to be a featured astrologer for Astrology Hub in 2020.

Before becoming a full-time astrologer, she worked in the non-profit sector managing and funding programs for the environment and youth and then became a classroom teacher. She earned her BA in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Communities from New College and a California teaching credential from CSU Monterey Bay with extensive Montessori training from St. Mary's.

In 2012, after receiving a direct transmission when Venus eclipsed the Sun, she took the leap and became an entrepreneur. Venus Wisdom was born. In 2020, she launched Awakening our Heroine's Heart, a journey through the Venus cycle for women leaders.

Currently, she enjoys her daily connection with the Earth, Venus and the Sky from a beautiful spot on a rosemary farm in Northern California where she lives with her teen daughter. 

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