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Mercury Retrograde
Summit Starts 
May 24th
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Meet Your Mercury Retrograde Guide
Tashi Dos Santos, Astrologer and Mystic 
Connect with Tashi


Born into a lineage of Mystics, Gypsies, Soothsayers, Astrologers and Healers, Tashi Dos Santos of Tarot byTashi, grew up infused with the wisdom of the Ancient Greek, Algarvian Gypsy and Iberian Traditions. Trained from a very young age in Astrology and Divination, Tashi has practiced these continuously throughout her life. In 2010 at a Monlam ceremony in Bodhgaya, India, presided over by her lifelong teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, she had the confirmation that Astrology and Divination were indeed her life's work. She has done this work professionally ever since! Tashi has exchanged with innumerable beings, from all around the world and from all walks of life, from business leaders to royalty, to exalted spiritual teachers.


Her offerings include various forms of Divination, Astrology, Mystical Tours, Divine and Sacred Feminine Workshops and the art of Sacred Scent making. In the process, she has embraced the Gypsy wanderer in herself, living as a citizen of a world without boundaries, always traveling and taking work with her wherever she goes. It is her heart's wish to continue to connect, to share her deep love of Astrology, Divination and respective gifts and to do her absolute best to serve beings and truth in its divinest of forms.

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