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Mercury Retrograde

Welcome to Day 1
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Day 1 Offerings
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Mercury Retrograde and the Emerald Tablet
Gary P. Caton

In this talk, Gary P. Caton shares about the Emerald Tablets and his discovery of how the text reflects Mercury's movement through the sky. Gary brings illumination to the Air Elemental Year as discussed in his book, Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, and how we can work with the energy of air element retrogrades

Free Gift:

Gary is gifting you a free chapter from his book, Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental year!

Gary's Bio:

Gary P Caton is an Hermetic practitioner integrating diverse traditions, art forms and practices gathered from his spiritual quest over a full Saturn cycle. Initiated an astrologer by a magnificent dream in 1993, he’s since become an accomplished counselor, writer, podcaster, teacher, photographer and mage. Gary is the author of Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, and host of the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast.

Connect with Gary:




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Hermes Steals the Herd
and the Mythical Language
of the Birds
Gemini Brett

With Mercury's current commitment to six consecutive retrograde loops in Air Signs, the language of the birds should be on our collective mind so StarryTeller Gemini Brett is set to fly in on webinar waves to explain why Mercury's recent helical rise at Jupiter's side aligns our present time to the gift of the greatest retrograde myth. Learn about Mercury Elemental Years and Meta-Retrogrades, explore what the Messenger's shift from Water to Air waves might have to say, and integrate the sacred science of the great mystery play called Hermes Steals Apollo's Herd.

Gemini Brett's Free Gift:

The Temple of the Living Sky
A Video Presentation and Guided Meditation by Gemini Brett

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Gemini Brett's Bio:

Gemini Brett’s terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation, expressed through the ancient arts of sacred geometry, musical harmony, embodied astronomy, and number magic, activate seasoned sages as much as they initiate students new to the cosmic curriculum. He is a world-renowned astrologer, shamanic StarryTeller, and inspiring educator best known for his devotion to reconnecting astrologers with the sacred astronomy of the living sky. Brett's passion, dedication, and innovation were recently honored by the Organization for Professional astrology who presented him with the 2020 Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology.

Connect with Gemini Brett:


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Mercury in Gemini:
Embracing the Influencer Within
Rachel Onojafe

In her talk, Rachel shares about The Influencer archetype from her highest-self archetype system and how to embrace this powerful energy within your life. We all have an inner Influencer, watch her talk to learn how to unleash and harness yours! She also shares practical guidance on managing your mindset during Mercury retrograde and taking care of your thoughts and inner space in order to be able to show up as your best self in the world.

Free Gift:

FREE 3-Day Moon Magnetism Masterclass


Inside Rachel's Dream to Action Facebook group, you can watch her free 3-part Moon Magnetism Masterclass. You will learn how to harness the power of your inner Moon, your intuition and your emotional resilience. Rachel guides you in exploring your personal Astrology and Human Design while activating the inner power expressed through harnessing the Moon's resonance and insights. Let's dive in!

Rachel's Bio:

Rachel Onojafe is on a mission to empower women to go from dream to action in their lives! She is the Cosmic Coach, using Astrology and Human Design as well as mindset work to support her clients to supercharge their lives and businesses. She also teaches how to read and interpret a birth chart for enthusiasts and coaches wanting to use cosmic insights for themselves and their clients in her foundation program, The Star. 


Her signature offer is "100 Days" of 1-1 coaching using her Cosmic Clues approach to know, love and courageously BE yourself. For Rachel, her years of studying and applying Astrology have been all about empowerment. She has seen in her life and her clients' lives that Astrology truly is practical magic.

Connect with Rachel:

60 Minutes Cosmic Clues Reading
100 Days Coaching
Instagram: @RachelOnojafe
Facebook Group

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How to Communicate with Your Ancestors
Mariangela Parrodi

Listen to the whispers of your ancestors, guiding you to find your path to success. Your magic has been passed down from the ancestors, their gifts, talents and abilities are encoded in your cells. Connect to the spirit of your ancestors, to restore your health, relationships, confidence, and guide you to reach your dreams.

Free Gift:

Mariangela is offering an additional free gift to you on communicating with your ancestors Access the hidden secrets of the ancestors, their strengths are your strengths, their gifts are your gifts. Every lineage has its blessings, this incredible process can help heal the past, move you from doubt into unwavering trust, and activate transformation, well-being and prosperity..

Mariangela's Bio:

For 30 years, Mariangela has practiced in the fields of energy medicine, biomedical science, naturopathy, holistic health, and meditation. As an alchemist, she is the Founder of the Alkymia Energie Healing ™, a spiritual system that eliminates limiting beliefs, removes blocks and reprograms the mindset, creating connection, integration and transformation which awakens your unique destiny.

Mariangela uses her sacred alchemy process to activate your raw pure potential, bridge the gaps to overcome your challenges and accelerate your next level of passion, purpose and prosperity. She guides healers to fully express their sacred power, boldly live to their highest potential, using their soul gifts to create deep transformation in the world.

Connect with Mariangela:

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Attune and Restore
Maria Zeta

Join Maria for a deeply nourishing embodiment practice to attune and restore. Please honor your body with this practice and only move in ways that feel good, gentle, and safe for your body.

Free Gift

For a full, guided, 45.mins embodyment session, you may click on this link, & enjoy your FREE GIFT from Maria. With vitality in mind, Maria offers mindful breathing, movement & rest practices that helps nourish vital systems for balance & well-being.  

Maria's Bio:

Maria invokes a unique brand of embodyment practise that distills the best of the mind, metaphysics, somatic movement as medicine, yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, and energy attunement for vitality and well-being. She is able to, "feel," into the session so that she guides the participants through a journey of self-discovery and realization so they come, "home," to themselves and out of the class restored and refreshed.


An athlete since she was 12 years old, Maria was always interested in how fitness, health, and beauty benefits one's quality of living and has devoted her life to her growth, development and contribution in these fields. She took up Yoga Meditation and went to India in 1998 to learn the benefits of vegetarianism, positive thinking and stress-free living to one’s well-being. In 2002 she worked for an internationally-awarded wellness destination and learned Sivananda Yoga and a year after began teaching in international spas and gyms all over Metro Manila. She is signature model for some beauty and wellness brands and has won several awards in fitness. She has appeared as a guest in several local and cable TV networks regarding the mind, health, beauty and yoga, and was a spokesperson for the Nestlé Wellness Tours and in 2009 she was awarded as Nesvita's 10 Most Beautiful, Inside and Out.


In 2005, Maria met her guru who trained her in the Science of Mind and metaphysics learning the powers of the mind and how mind affects life, particularly health. She got her training and certification for level three of iYoga* (The Integrated Yoga Wellness Program) which integrates ancient and scientific mind-body techniques, principles and disciplines that support vitality, immunity, the brain, nervous system and the body, securing wellness, beauty, fitness and health now and in the long-term. The program is taken to offices and barangays around the country making it easy for hectic individuals to incorporate health into their itinerary for lasting, lifetime results. Under the aegis of senior instructors, Maria concentrates her abilities in designing and facilitating wellness workshops, activities, events and exercise programs that train people to achieve their optimum vitality and well-being today.

Connect with Maria:

Facebook Group:
The Optimized Human
Please honor your body with this practice and only move in ways that feel safe for your body and range of motion. When participating in yoga and stretching, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you or your child engage in this yoga and stretching, you agree that you and your child do so at your own risk. You agree to release and discharge North Texas Center for Mindfulness, LLC doing business as Astrology with Jaime and the video instructor, Maria Zeta, from any and all claims of causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of this yoga practice and the practice shared as the free gift.
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