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Mercury Retrograde

Welcome to Day 6
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Day 6 Offerings
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The Orion Starseed Mission:
How I Learned to Love Duality
Denise Real

The Orion constellation is activated this Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, and Denise shares an engaging discussion on the Orion Starseed mission, what we can learn from it, and the innate frequency that Orion Starseeds hold. Denise shares a Starseed astrology demonstration to offer insight into how to work with Starseed energy in a chart.

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To accept this offer, send an email to with the subject "Orion Starseed"


Denise's Bio:

Denise is a Starseed & Lightworker Activator, Usui Reiki Master, Evolutionary Astrologer, Licensed Bodyworker/Yoga instructor, Shamanic practitioner and proprietor of Catalyst Energies. Intuitive readings, shamanic energy work and Reiki, bodywork modalities and astrological consultations are all part of the tool kit. Denise & her clients work together with these tools to calibrate the energetics of the body while also attending to the deeper, symbolic meanings of the events and circumstances to your life through intuitive and astrological readings.


"I chose the phrase “TO FACILITATE THE ACTIVATION OF OUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL” for Catalyst Energies because my role is to engage others not as a teacher or practitioner, but as a catalyst that triggers a chain reaction within the individual that leads them to align with their true self. We are at a point now where we all must bear the full responsibility of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in order for us to collectively grow. I can give you information, teach you how to do something, even assist you in healing your body and soul. Yet, when it comes down to it, the real work comes from the individual’s commitment toward this process of reaching the highest potential."

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Working with Mercury in "3D" Body-Mind Consciousness:
Where the Infinite and Intimate Meet
Cili Cline

Cili shares an insightful discussion on the nature of Mercury retrograde from the perspective of working with Mercury in "3D" Body-Mind Consciousness. She shares her mystic and healing gifts through Quantum Healing sessions to support the integration of this energy.

Cili's Bio:

Cili Cline is a Quantum Soul Healing Artist, A Mystic, and traveler of the unseen worlds, including our Planet Earth. Her spiritual quest began around the age of 13 when she chose to leave the disharmony of the family home to journey forward.  She is a “Sensitive”, with gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and telepathic awareness. Her experience and expertise transverse many disciplines and layers of understanding, from the physical to the stars and beyond.  Working as a licensed professional for over 30 years, Cili has conducted more than 25,000 healing sessions.  When acting as a facilitator and holding a healing space for a client or the collective field, she hones-in and draws forward her extra sensory perception while also utilizing her toolbox with more than 50 different studied modalities, astrology being one of them.  Her main source of nourishment and soul food has been received primarily through a spiritual context and actualizing experiences. Transformation and Shadow Work are an integral ongoing life process upon her evolutionary journey back home into her heart. Her poison continues to become her medicine. Her education and learning have become her healing.

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How to Live in Alignment with Your Energetic Truth
through Human Design this Mercury Retrograde
Lindsay Marten Ellis

Lindsay shares about the foundations of Human Design, the five Human Design types, and offers practical guidance for each type to offer support during this Mercury retrograde.

Free Gift:

Lindsay has opened some spots for 30 minute coaching clarity calls

Lindsay's Bio:

Lindsay Marten Ellis is a former Environmental Engineer, wife, dog mama, thought leader, owner of her women’s wellness and empowerment company Living Well by Lindsay, Inc, and certified Quantum Human Design guide.


She is extremely passionate about sharing her transformational healing journey to empower other women to shine and live in alignment with their true selves. Her life’s work is devoted to empowering women to transform from the inside out using a soulful, magnetic, body based approach to living. 

When she is not empowering women to be their best selves, you can find her traveling with her husband, practicing yoga with friends, and snuggling with her rescue pup, Luna.

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Tools to Navigate Mercury Retrograde
Rachel Wacaster

Rachel shares practical guidance from grounding to working with the mind to support you during Mercury retrograde.​​

Rachel's Bio:

Rachel Wacaster is a Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator, a member of the Warrior Goddess Leadership team, a Warrior Heart Practice Facilitator.  She is also an E-RYT yoga teacher, mother to two amazing souls, an astrology apprentice to the magical Jaime Lee Goldstein of Intuitive Astrology with Jaime, and High School Spanish Teacher.  She is passionate about learning and growing herself to better serve others

Connect with Rachel:

Rachel Wacaster
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Weaving the Mind
with the Heart and Body
Grace Elizabeth

In her offering "Weaving the Mind with the Heart and Body ~ An offering to Mercury to receive a 'letter' " at "Mercury Retrograde Alchemy summit" you are offered an embodied practice, similar to a meditation journey, to assist your own personal processes during this Mercury Retrograde in Gemini May 2021. You can expect a playful elemental embodied experience recorded outside from Nipaluna land in Lutruwita (Tasmania) that includes theoretical insights to help deepen you understanding of Mercury, Gemini and Mercury Retrograde.


Mercury symbolises our capacity to think, speak learn and reason ~ Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini which symbolises our mental principle. Gemini's modality is mutable highlighting our capacity to adapt and our strength to bring Spirit into matter once the Gemini need to communicate, learn and open themselves to the potentiality and freedom of information, connection to spirit, non linear thought processes and thinking has been investigated.


You are invited to sit in Sacred Space with Grace to experience an embodied experience of what it is like to receive and process information from Mercury at the pace of presence through the whole body ~ often the Mind and Body are seen as separate entities, however the form of the Mind is the body and the subtle form of the body is the Mind. Mercury rules the central nervous system physiologically which refers to the interconnected cells that carry messages to and from the brain. This embodied practice aims to harmonize the Mind & Body, release tension and knots stored in the body at the layer ready to be released and increased the quantum of Prana running through the whole body to balance the central nervous system, harmonised the Mind and Body and open to receiving, communicating and expressing with clarity the creative spirited self you are.

Grace's Bio:

Grace Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse, Soul Centric & Wild Hearted Earth & Nature Medicine Guide, Astrology Apprentice, Yoga Teacher, Level 1 Alkmia Healing and Wilderness guide who honours the art of the Heart, science of the Body and receptivity to prioritising safe heart centered sacred space that welcomes your authentic whole being. 

Grace is the founder of "Journeys of Wild Heart Tasmania" ~ A multidimensional space that offers WildHeart Podcast, Yoga, Ceremonial Events, Meditation, Breathwork, Deep feminine mysteries and 1:1 Astrological Natal Chart CoCollaborative readings that emphasis Soul Centric guidance and practical presencing to each client in which Grace is an intuitive channel to the Earth, Cosmos, the reader, their spirit guides and the messages of the highest priority for each individual for that time.

She grew up on the east coast of lutruwita (Tasmania, Australia) on 300 acres of Bush and farm land, 4th ancestoral generation linage. From a young age Grace comuned with the elementals, and traveled over the land running, walking and exploring. The Wild, within and without, above and below, continues to be the wholness that inspires the calling, creating and contributing of Graces work in the "Western" and "Eastern" healing platforms and connection to spirit

Grace is an Astrology Apprentice with Jaime Lee Goldstein of Intuitive Astrology with Jaime.

Connect with Grace:


Wild Heart Podcast

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