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Leap of Faith with Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon

14 Taurus

5:47pm CST

This new moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac. The Taurus archetype is concerned with sustenance, survival, and the senses. Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, beauty, and romance rules over Taurus. Venus, who guides over both Taurus and Libra, deals in the realm of developing our internal and external resources in the sign of Taurus: internal resources include our values, self-worth, self-confidence, and other psychological resources and external resources include our physical possessions and personal finances. Taurus being an earth sign rules over the physical body and material world. It is about experiencing life through the five senses and enjoying the sensual pleasures of life. Being a mindfulness teacher, I have always felt that Taurus rules mindfulness, making contact with our moment to moment experience through the senses. Connect with nature and spend time with the Earth goddess energy. Taurus being fixed earth is often considered the most fixed sign of the zodiac and often resists change and leans towards clinging to attachments. Uranus, the Great Awakener, now in Taurus is shaking up those areas of life where we are clinging to attachments and building stagnant energy. Uranus seeks pure spiritual truth and liberation. The more we can let go of clinging to attachments and surf on the unpredictable and electric Uranian wave of energy, the greater self-liberation and freedom we will experience. Mercury at 26 Aries is conjuncting Uranus during this new moon. Clear your thought channels with meditation to allow your Uranian inner genius to flow in like sudden and unpredictable flashes of lightning

The new moon trines the South Node in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. With the trine to the South Node which is also conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde, the energy is inviting us to explore our shadows, those hidden motivations and aspects of ourselves that have been pushed out of conscious awareness down into our unconscious realm. This self-reflection and awareness is important to support us in our new moon intention. We must work through unconscious blockages in order for new energy to flow in. New moons are about planting seeds of intention and bringing in new energy. With Saturn, the integrity seeker, involved, we must explore our sense of integrity, diligence, and discipline. Have you been directing your effort and energy into the wrong outlet that has not been fruitful and drained your energy? This may be an invitation to rework where you are directing your energy and to do so more strategically and effectively. Or have you been expecting success without willing to put in the Saturn work? When we see others succeeding, we often fail to realize just how much effort and dedication they have put into their craft. Here exists an invitation to get serious about your diligence and discipline. There is often a delay between the Saturn work and Saturn reward so don’t give up when you don’t see results immediately. Perhaps take some time to pause with this new moon so you can receive clarity through self-reflection. With the new moon sextiling Neptune in Pisces, there is an open channel of creative life force energy to tap into as well as connecting to the etheric and dream realms. Pay attention to your dreams. Maybe even incubate a dream over your new moon intention.

Venus and Mercury in Aries are squaring the South Node, Pluto Rx, and Saturn Rx conjunction creating some friction to let go of thoughts that are no longer in alignment with our Higher selves. Mercury teaches us that all is mind. Where our thoughts go, our energy flows. Our outer worlds are a projection of our inner world. It is hard work to change our automatic and maladaptive thought patterns. A mindfulness practice can bring awareness to these thought patterns so we can change our relationship to our thoughts. Venus, who attracts things into our lives, is showing us what we are unconsciously attracting that we consciously don’t want. Through shadow work we can explore unconscious motivations for attracting these things. So much of the time our fear of success and of our own power (Pluto) can attract what we feel we consciously don’t want.

Mars in Gemini is opposing Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius. Often with oppositions, we take on the role of one of the planets and project the role of the other planet onto others. This can play out in a lot of ways. We may find ourselves fired up (Mars) over other’s opinionated expressions (Jupiter). This is helpful to be aware of this energy. With Mars squaring Neptune we may experience some confusion and lack of clarity in any type of interaction that feels heated. I feel with the new moon, it’s best to turn inward for self-reflection as opposed to wasting our energy in arguments with others. On an internal sense, this is a beautiful time to reflect on our beliefs, perhaps reconceptualize some of our beliefs with Jupiter in Rx, and to live our lives and the way we assert ourselves into the world in more alignment with our beliefs. This will open us up to new and expansive opportunities (Jupiter). Mercury in Aries is trining Jupiter Rx reinforcing the benefit of purifying our thoughts and beliefs for manifestation.

I pulled a card from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers deck about this new moon. The message “leap of faith” wants to come through from the angels. This new moon invites us to plant a seed of intention that involves a leap of faith. All of this deep internal work we are being invited to explore with this new moon is creating rich, fertile soil for our new moon intention to manifest in the physical realm, as Taurus rules the physical realm being an earth sign. What attachments of security do you need to let go of that are ultimately holding you back from liberation? Engaging in the shadow work to process internal blockages and stagnant energy will allow new energy of creation to flow in.

May you have a blessed new moon!


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