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Mercury Retrograde Journal

Happy Mercury Rx! Mercury stationed Rx earlier today at 29 Pisces and will retrograde back to 16 Pisces joining Neptune in a conjunction. Mercury is the ruler of the mind, thoughts, and communication. Mercury Rx is a time to reconceptualize, reconsider, and revisit our thought patterns. Mercury Rx is about switching it up, changing the game, and breaking up any stagnant energy being held hostage by the mind. It is a time for deep shadow work to alchemically burn off any thought patterns that are not aligned with our Higher selves

My natal Mercury happens to be at 29 Pisces which has led me to share part of my journal entry for the day. Mercury Rx is a powerful time for inner work through journaling, self-reflection, and dream work. I hope you enjoy.

Mercury Rx Day 1: Get Quiet so you can Hear

Last Saturday when Mercury moved to 29 Pisces, the degree of my natal Mercury, I started to lose my voice. Over the course of that day, I led a half-day silent meditation retreat and a women’s new moon circle. The funny thing about the silent meditation retreat is, the attendees are silent, but I’m speaking the entire time. My voice started to deteriorate throughout that day and evening and has been almost 100 percent gone the last few days. I fell into this pattern of attempting to save my voice for work and then over-straining my vocal chords again and again over the last few days. Today, my voice finally said no more, forcing me to take the day off of work. Well that was quite the start to a once or twice in a lifetime transit…literally losing my voice! How ironic that the winged messenger god who rules communication and speaking has silenced my vocal chords! I know for good reasons! There is an important message here to be discerned this Mercury Rx. Mercury is telling me to become silent and turn inward to connect to the Piscean etheric realm. I have been overexerting myself with work over the last year and a half. Much of that time I have overloaded my scheduled working seven days a week starting two small businesses with very little self-care and time to recharge. That’s how I did the Saturn work during my Saturn return. Hard work and diligence comes easy to me with four planets including Saturn and Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house. I’m almost 31 now, so perhaps I can simmer down on that type of Saturn work and shift into a more efficient and effective way of relating to my work. I love what I do, but I can’t go on working at this rate for much longer. I love teaching yoga, but I have way too many yoga classes stacked throughout my week requiring me to spend hours on end in my car some days. I manage every aspect of two small businesses on my own attending to all the meticulous details that they require. Thank goodness, for my Virgo South Node! Something has to change. I think that is what this Mercury Rx is about for me as Mercury will transit back and forth over my North Node. It’s time to reconceptualize how I’m walking on my soul’s path. Pisces is in my 8th house, and the most whimsical and unexpected events have already unfolded over the last few days leading me into the feminine mysteries while spending time engaging in ceremony with a beautiful High Priestess Shaman from Siberia and the deeply intuitive women traveling with her. I’ll honor the details of those events as scared with myself for now.

The Mercury Rx symbolism showing up in my life today is just amazing. I had this theatre of alchemical symbolism play out while cooking dinner this evening. As I was preparing my dinner, I managed to accidentally pull the sink handle of my kitchen sink leaving me unable to turn on the water. Or course, it didn’t screw back on easily. I asked Hermes to guide my hands to screw it back on so I could continue preparing my meal with ease. I stood there with my hands wrapped around the sink handle trying to channel Hermes’ dexterity. Come on, Hermes rules the hands so that was a good try, but it didn’t work. Hermes playfully laughed and invited me to release my resistance and ease into this “backwards trickster medicine dance,” as Gary calls it. I decided to laugh it off (really, a whisper laugh, because that was all my voice was capable of) and accepted that I would be filling my dishes with water in the bathroom sink this evening. There is a definite connection in my inner life between the water obstructed from flowing and the water element of Pisces. I then turned on some ambient music to get in the flow of chopping veggies. As I was listening to the sounds of nature, I heard a nature Spirit whisper in my ear, “Get quiet so you can hear.” That’s it, I thought! The reason my voice is gone. I need to get quiet so I can hear. What message do I need to hear? I don’t know yet. That will be the mystery of this Mercury Rx.

Shortly after while I was cooking dinner, I got distracted from the stove and burned my food and pot. I cannot remember the last time that happened. Here I was, assessing a completely burned pot while coughing uncontrollably from the smoke that had caught my attention. I couldn’t help but laugh because I’ve learned from my astrology teacher, Gary Caton that this phase of Mercury’s cycle relates to the nigredo, or blackening, phase of the alchemic process. This is the process of purification through the fires. This is where we are called to journey into the magic of the underworld and dive into deep shadow work needed to integrate those aspects of ourselves that have been pushed out of our awareness. Because when those aspects within our shadow are left unintegrated from conscious awareness, we become at the whim of our shadow’s unconscious forces without even realizing it. This phase of the alchemical process requires us to go through a metaphorical death process before the rebirth into the albedo phase of the alchemical process. Interestingly enough, the uncontrollable coughing from the smoke seemed to bring a little more life force to my voice. Given that this Mercury Rx started on my natal Mercury, I imagine that this will be a very significant process of transformation of my inner psyche. I plan to get quiet and listen throughout this process to hear the whispers of the divine guiding me. This will be a journey of swimming into the liminal space.

Stay open to the magic and mystery!


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