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Demystify This Misunderstood Time So That You Can Discover the Deeper Meaning and Hidden Gifts
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Join this 6 day event with visionary
astrologers and embodiment practitioners
guiding you into this
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini!
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-Demystify this widely known yet often misunderstood astrological transit.

-Discover the deeper meaning, hidden gifts, and alchemical potential for personal transformation.

-Create more magic in your life through understanding the nature of Mercury retrograde.

-Become attuned to the larger cycle that Mercury retrograde initiates about three times a year.


-Receive practical guidance for navigating Mercury retrograde.

-Experience guided practices to support you during this retrograde.

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This summit is for you if you are interested in:
Living magically
Personal Transformation
There will be talks and practices for you if you are:
New to astrology
A practicing astrologer
And anywhere in between
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(Click on photo to see bio)
Gary Caton.jpg
Gary P. Caton
Brett Joseph.jpg
Gemini Brett
Stormie Grace.jpg
Stormie Grace
Cameron Allen.jpg
Cameron Allen
Cayelin K. Castell
Tami Brunk.jpg
Tami Brunk
Tashi Dos Santos
emily t.jpg
Emily Trinkaus
Kira Sutherland.JPG
Kira Sutherland
Abigail 2.jpg
Abigail Mensah-Bonsu
Ari Moshe Wolfe.jpg
Ari Moshe Wolfe
Mar Guerrero
Rachel Onojafe.PNG
Nura Rachelle.jpg
Rachel Onojafe
Nura Rachelle
Zoey Wind.jpeg
Zoey Wind
Shu Yap.jpg
Shu Yap
Cili Cline
Mariangela Parodi
Denise Real.jpg
Adam Sanchez.jpg
Denise Real
Adam AstroYogi Sanchez
Nissa Liu S.
Lindsay Marten Ellis.jpg
Lindsay Marten Ellis
Abby Gilbert.jpg
Abby Gilbert
ali 2.jpg
Ali Nohinek
Diane Gribbin.jpg
Maria Zeta.jpg
Diane Gribbin
Maria Zeta
Kirsty Jandrell
Rachel Wacaster.jpeg
Rachel Wacaster
Jenny Photo.jpg
Grace Elizabeth.jpg
Jenny Fitterer
Grace Elizabeth
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Jaime Lee Goldstein, Astrologer

Jaime Lee Goldstein is an Intuitive Astrologer who weaves her intuition with her deep study of astrology. Jaime has a deep connection to the stars above and the Earth below. She serves as a celestial guide of translating cosmic energies and serves to spark cosmic remembrance of our star seed nature. Jaime believes in living life magically and loves to empower others through astrology to become more conscious creators of their lives.


Jaime supports others with her mystic gifts through astrology readings, her virtual 6 month astrology school and apprenticeship, and sound healing. In readings, Jaime helps her clients re-connect to their soul’s divine purpose and rediscover their spiritual gifts. She utilizes astrology as a roadmap to help her clients live in alignment with their soul’s purpose. She is deeply passionate about teaching astrology to those who want to empower and inspire others with this sacred art. Jaime loves to inspire others to bring their astrology practice beyond the 2D chart and connect with the living sky.


Jaime fell in love with astrology when learning how to navigate her first Saturn return. It was very much an experience of past-life remembering as she devoted herself to her studies. Astrology is so much more than an intellectual experience. She feels the planetary energies communicating through her in an embodied way.

Jaime worked in the public schools as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for five years including internship before taking the leap of faith to follow her Heart’s true calling. She is also a yoga instructor, meditation guide, and sound healer. Jaime loves to hold sacred space for women's circles and embodiment practices. She teaches astrology through astrology workshops and her astrology apprenticeship.

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